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    Revive Active Original

    • Naturally Sustained Energy
    • Heart Health
    • Immune System Support
    • Reduced Fatigue and Many More
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    • Mental Performance
    • Heart Health
    • Omega-3 DHA
    • Seniors, Busy Professionals and Students
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    Joint Complex

    • Nourish Cartilage
    • Nourish Bone
    • Nourish Connective Tissue
    • Nourish Skin
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    Ubiquinol CoQ10

    Made with the ‘Gold Standard’ 100% Kaneka Ubiquinol. The most active and absorbable form of COQ10 there is and absolutely natural. Buy a bundle, save money and earn more loyalty points.
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    Krill Oil

    KRILL OIL by Revive Active is unique because it contains Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, and because it is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body.
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Who's talking about us


"I run and train quite a lot so i take Joint complex by Revive Active to prevent injuries.
Roz Purcell ( Former Miss Universe Ireland.)"
May 2016


"Our Revive Active Original is the most complete health food supplement on the market in Europe today."
April 2015


"Vital nutrients to combat early stage Alzheimer's disease are choline, uridine and DHA."
Prof R Wurtman.
May 2016


"Revive Active can be proud they made a Health food supplement that truly makes a difference to people’s lives."
Feb 2014


"Joint complex by Revive Active offers a multifunctional approach to osteoarthritis relief."
Feb 2016

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    If you are running, don’t forget your joints. Are you training for your first 5km, half or full marathon or your first Tri?  Firstly, well done and secondly, don’t forgot …

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     The importance of a good nights sleep.   Keeps Our Heart Healthy Lack of sleep has been associated with increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Both of these are among …

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Revive Active passionately believes in doing things right. From humble beginnings, we backed our vision with everything we had and we’ve built a team of brilliant people. Doctors, Scientists, Production Experts and Expert Nutritionists… Our's is a journey about belief. Click here to read about it.

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    Dr. Wendy Denning | Harley St GP.

    Most of us will suffer with intermittent pain, stiffness, and lack of flexibility in our joints as we age and this will have many running to the doctor to get painkillers, anti-inflammatory and even antideepressants to deal with this. The problem is that this may provide a temporarily fix but it will not cure the problem. 

    I personally am very excited with Revive Active Joint Complex because most of the ingredients in this supplement I have been giving my patients for a long time, alongside lifestyle changes,  with good results.- MSM, Glucosamine, Boron, Vit C, Manganese,  However we now have an ‘all in one’ supplement which is high dose ( many are not high dose enough to effect a change) and it also has a new ingredient Peptan – a readily absorbable form of collagen which can be absorbed into the joints to help with cartilage repair and this along with the hyaluronic acid has been shown to reduce pain and increase joint function.

    Dr. Wendy Denning has been named 3 years in a row, in Tatler’s top 150 private doctors.

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    Pippa O Connor | Top Irish model, entrepreneur and mom

    Revive Active health supplement has helped me with my energy levels

    I can testify that Revive Active health supplement has helped me hugely with my energy levels. I’ve been taking this with water every morning for the past 4 months. It’s now part of my every day routine.

    I noticed that after a couple of months I wasn’t as tired all time, I hadn’t caught a cold in months and my skin was certainly glowing.

    With being a busy working Mum I do like to take vitamins but I hated taking various different things in the mornings. With Revive Active it’s easy as it’s all in one little pouch now.

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    Blaine Kelly | GAA player for St Mary's Saggart and formerly Dublin .

    I would recommend Joint Complex to anyone with joint problems, young or old, and I have to my team mates.

    When you play for Dublin and train three times a week you put repetitive strain on your body! Two and a half years ago I picked up a hip injury and struggled to maintain my fitness and mobility. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work. Then I started taking Revive Active Joint Complex. After only six weeks I noticed a significant difference and felt stronger and more flexible. Now three months later I feel great and am even back to training three times a week.

    With luck, it’ll help me to keep playing GAA for many years to come.”


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    Sarah Jagger | Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger, London

    In a nutshell, I’m done with mountains of morning pills because a single sachet of a delicious tasting vitamin is far more appealing.

    A vitamin supplement that really does work

    I now keep the sachets in my makeup kit so that any of my team can reenergize during a long shoot. I’m sure that the powder formula helps it to act more quickly within the body than tablets and capsules.

Frequently asked questions

  • What benefits do ReviveActive products actually have?

    Revive Active products offer great health benefits as a result of a natural, comprehensive approach to nutrition in supporting both the structure and function of important systems within the body like the cardiovascular, skeletal and immune systems.
  • What’s the difference between ReviveActive’s range and supplements from the high street chains?

    Put simply, a lot. Comparisons between Revive Active products to other supplements reveal differences in the range, form and amount of ingredients within our extensive natural health formulas, which we at Revive Active refuse to compromise on.
  • How do I know ReviveActive Supplements are safe?

    Revive Active supplements are blends of natural vitamins and minerals from food, to make sure we are obtaining the nutrients we need everyday for healthy nutrition. If you have further questions, however, do not hesitate to contact us at Revive Active HQ.
  • How do you fulfil my order? 

    We ship for FREE on all orders within Ireland and the United Kingdom through our partners global 
    courier company DPD. All orders are fully traceable until signed for by the recipient. We can deliver 
    to your home or place of work, within Ireland its next day delivery with the UK any extra 24 hours. 
    (See T’s & C’s for the Islands and Highlands.) 
  • What countries do you deliver to? 

    We ship our products by courier Worldwide.   
    To qualify for free shipping we fulfil to Ireland and the UK plus all orders purchased over €100 are 
    shipped FREE to New Zealand, Australia and North America. 

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Customer Service
Please feel free to contact us with any queries regarding our products or to place an order. Our customer service team are available by phone Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Ireland: 1800 910 000 UK: 0800 901 2152 USA: 1844 701 0119