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Dr. Wendy Denning

Dr. Wendy Denning

Most of us will suffer with intermittent pain, stiffness, and lack of flexibility in our joints as we age and this will have many running to the doctor to get painkillers, anti-inflammatory and even antidepressants to deal with this. The problem is that this may provide a temporarily fix but it will not cure the problem. 

However a new joint supplement Revive Active Joint Complex has come on the market that contains ‘high levels of building block ingredients’ that has been clinically proven to reduce pain, increase mobility, repair cartilage as well as reduce inflammation and even help with bone density.

I personally am very excited with this product because most of the ingredients in this supplement I have been giving my patients for a long time, alongside lifestyle changes, with good results.
– MSM, Glucosamine, Boron, Vit C, Manganese,  However we now have an ‘all in one’ supplement which is high dose ( many are not high dose enough to effect a change) and it also has a new ingredient Peptan – a readily absorbable form of collagen which can be absorbed into the joints to help with cartilage repair and this along with the hyaluronic acid has been shown to reduce pain and increase joint function.

Not surprisingly there are some good personal testimonies for this product and I shall look forward to hearing many more as more people try it for themselves.
Dr. Wendy Denning is a Harley Street GP, who has been named 3 years in a row, in Tatler’s top 150 private doctors.

Dr. Wendy Denning, Harley Street, London