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Food Sources of Revive Active’s 2 main Amino Acids

Food Sources of Revive Active’s 2 main Amino Acids

Some people often tell me they eat a really good diet so they don’t feel they need to take a supplemeMothering sundaynt.  They believe they are getting all they need out of their food on a daily basis, this may be true for some, although eating healthily
everyday with good quality food sources can be hard to achieve, and are we getting the same levels that are in Revive Active?

It got me thinking, well let’s see how much food we would need to consume daily to get the levels of Amino Acids into our diet, that a simple sachet of Revive Active has to offer. My findings were quite mind blowing, or rather tummy stretching!!

Two of our most powerful ingredients are L-Arginine at 4g per sachet and L-Citrulline at 2g per sachet.

If I wanted to eat 4g of Arginine every day I would need to eat 4 chicken breasts! That’s a lot of chicken and a lot of money, (€4.00 a day).

And I’m trying to figure out what I would do each day with my chicken.

Grilled chicken for breakfast anyone?   Not sure I’d manage this one.

Chicken salad for lunch?  Now that’s easy enough for most.

Chicken for dinner???  I love Chicken, but I think I will have enough for the day by this stage.


So what would I eat if I don’t eat meat?  Well a full cup of nuts will do the job, but that’s a lot of nuts every day, and quite expensive also. There are of course many other foods that contain Arginine, but these are two of my favourites and they are easy to buy.

Now let’s look at L-Citrulline.

The most abundant source is in our Watermelon.  Delicious, sweet and refreshing, and did you know that Citrulline is found in the whole watermelon, from the rind to the flesh to the seeds, so you can happily tuck into the whole thing!

Sounds tempting doesn’t it?  But could you sit down to a whole one? Well if our weather is anything to go by id imagine not, but if you were on a beach relaxing the hours away you would probably munch through this all day long.

I think I will stick with my sachet of Revive Active Health Supplement every day, with 22 active ingredients, it’s a whole lot easier than fitting all that chicken and a watermelon into my daily routine!


Tanya McGuirk, Nutrition & Health Coach for Revive Active, currently studying Nutritional Therapy at Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin.