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Health & Fitness Nutrients

Health & Fitness Nutrients

The human body is an amazing machine and the greatest gift we will ever receive. We expect a lot out of it every day, so it essential to be mindful of what we put into it. Nutrition is the key to unlocking our body’s true potential and with the right ingredients in the right formulation, great things can happen.

Energy is the driving fuel for the body. It is the source of life within that allows for every
internal function and external
action to take place. Coenzyme Q10 is a key metabolite in energy production, and without coenzyme q10 fatigue sets in. L-carnitine helps convert stored fat into energy and promote mental clarity, working in synergy with coenzyme Q10 to make sure you are active and alert in both body and mind.

Skeletal muscle gives us more than just the ability to move. It gives us the ability to be strong and flexible. During points of intense exercise, muscles become damaged and fatigued.

To allow muscles to fully repair and become stronger they need the right nutrients to grow. Ingredients including glutamine, taurine and manganese gives muscles the necessary fuel they need to recover and repair allowing them to stay strong and flexible for you.

Poor circulation is one of the most common causes of fatigue. Without efficient oxygen and nutrient Revive Active Krill oil featuredtransport your body is unable to perform to its maximum ability. Citrulline and arginine help keep blood vessels relaxed and elastic increasing blood flow and oxygen transport. This allows for a healthier heart and increased circulation to help drive the body to its optimum potential.

These ingredients, plus many more, make Revive Active a superior natural health supplement for health and fitness, helping the body to perform to its best. Your body is an amazing machine, so give it the right fuel and use it!

Dr Daniel Jones, Director of Research & Development at Revive Active.