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How Can Mastermind Help Students?

How Can Mastermind Help Students?

“Here is this mass of jelly you can hold in the palm of your hands, and it can contemplate the vastness of interstellar space”.

– Prof. Vilayanur Ramachandran


That mass of jelly is everything we are. Sure our heart, lungs, liver and so on are essential to keep us going, but locked
within that mass of jelly is every one of our memories, hopes, dreams and all the information we have been gathering over a lifetime.


The brain is the most complicated structure we have yet to encounter in all of nature. Essentially, it is a living biological computer. Its job, every single day, is to absorb, process, store and recall on request, countless information. This information includes every detail absorbed by our sense of sight, sound smell and so on, and all of our thoughts. Given this, it is easy to see that our brains work extremely hard to accomplish all of this every moment of our lives. Therefore, it is understandable that as a result of the pressures of the modern world demanding increasingly more of our minds in increasingly less time, the job is more difficult now than ever. This holds particularly true for students – held to a higher standard of study, requiring for more information to be absorbed than ever before.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

–  Isacc Newton


This quote rings truer for students today than previous generations. Students are expected and required to see further than preceding generation, my absorbing and building on the knowledge and information laid by preceding generations. My grandfather may have talked about how he had to walk 10 miles to school without shoes in the freezing cold (Ok grandpa), but he did not have to take in the wealth of information the modern age of the internet offers and compete in an increasingly competitive modern job market. The brains is under stress like never before for young academics, but there are steps which can be taken ease the pressure and one the most promising approached lies in nutrition.


The brain relies on nutritional components to perform its daily job to its optimum potential. It began with cutting edge research out of The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The research being carried out was designed to understand what a memory is and how a memory is made within the brain. They discovered that for the brain to make a memory it needs to make connections. These connections are essential to the network of neurons (brain cells) which make up our entire brain. It’s actually in those patterns of neuron connections which all of our memories and information is stored! And the fuel for making neuron connections? Research discovered the fuel for building memories and connections in our brain requires 3 important ingredients – omega 3 fatty acid DHA, uridine and choline. Three ingredients found in nature.


Simply put, the way these 3 ingredients work is similar to a traffic intersection. First, urdine acts at the communication signal in the brain similar to ta traffic light. Uridine signals like a green light that it time to start building neuron connections within the brain. Second, DHA acts as the roads of the intersection. DHA is the physical material which composes the connections making up 40% of the fatty acids in the brain and 50% of fatty acids in neurons. Third, choline acts at the automobiles traveling through the intersection. Choline is partly used in making the connection similar to DHA and partly used in the actual signals within the brain which carry the information. It is easy to see why these three ingredients and actions are so important together, as even though you may have a great functioning traffic light, if the road is not functioning properly, then neither is the intersection as a whole. All 3 must work together as the system is only as strong as it weakest link.


Research shows when DHA, uridine and choline are taken together in the proper amounts, the brain becomes increasingly more efficient at building connections and memories within the brain. Absorbing, processing, storing and recalling information on request becomes more efficient and the brain is able to function to its optimum with the required ingredients available. These findings yield great potential for students in particular as the period of exam preparation and study relies on the optimum function of the brain in this fashion.


That’s why we at Revive Active formulated Mastermind  in collaboration with Northumbria University’s Brain Performance Nutrition Centre. Mastermind includes all 3 ingredients DHA, uridine and choline in the proper amounts, along with a range of supporting nutrients to give students the needed edge to get the most out of study and exam preparation.  When it comes to the pressures of exam preparation and study, Mastermind is the most comprehensive formulation for supporting brain and nervous system function, mental performance and cognitive function to give every student the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.


“What we know is encoded in cells called neurons and there are something like a hundred trillion neural connections. This intricate and marvellous network of neurons has been called an enchanted loom. 20 million volumes worth of information is inside the heads of every one of us. The brain is a very big place in a very small space.”

-Prof. Carl Sagan

Dr Daniel Jones, Director of R&D at Revive Active.