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Positive Thinking!

Positive Thinking!

Our emotions help shape the way we behave in some ways. For example, when we feel amazing – we smile, or when we’re upset and sad, we frown. However, exciting new research shows that behaviour can actually cause emotion! So in reverse, smiling can make you feel happy and the act of frowning can make you feel sad.Positive thinking

So when we start to ingrain positive affirmations and positive thoughts, energy and emotions to our way of life – we can change the way we behave. This is an important part of the puzzle to improving our lifestyles to happier and happier ones.

In fact, an interesting piece in the research of positive thinking was that participants were now walking faster and more confidently. After several weeks, they improved their speed, memory, blood pressure, eyesight and hearing. They were “acting as if they were young men, knocking years off their bodies and minds”.

More research in the William James era, showed that this theory matches most everyday lifestyles! It’s now used to help people feel happier, less anxious, live happier and stay slim. It can increase confidence and slow the effects of ageing.

So learning to become more positive in your emotions and behaviour, increases the likelihood of success of any lifestyle changes you intend to create for yourself. Particularly to help you feel energised this summer!


Get more positive to get more out of life and feel younger!

With a deep diaphragmatic breath and your chest kept proud, check out these 5 easy action steps to help you become more positive.

1. Smile More

Make your smile as wide as possible.

While most of us assume that we smile because we feel happy, Clark psychologist James D. Laird argues that we can make ourselves happy just by smiling.


2. Tense more

Muscle tensing boosts our willpower (Hung’s experiment). So next time you’re feeling the urge to grab another biscuit or slice of cake, clench your fist to tense your entire arm and hand.


3. Use your other hand more

Especially handy when you’re decreasing portion size. Eat with your non- dominant hand for three days and see how conscious your eating becomes. Notice how slow your chewing gets and better your breathing becomes.


4. Posture up!

Sit up straight and cross your arms. If you’re sitting at your computer for long hours, keep the screLady jumpingen above your eye-line and every now and then, take a breather and sit up straight crossing your arms for a minute.


5. Nod more! 

Sounds strange but positive people always nod when being talked to or amongst a group discussion, it will keep you present in the moment and your positivity will shine through!