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With January being the month we all decide we will change a few things about ourselves, whether it be following a healthier diet, getting fit, start running, give up smoking, you name it, January is your month!

But we don’t always feel like we want to, but rather we should!  Sometimes it all feels like a little too much. With this in mind, lets start with our morning routine.

We get abruptly awakened in total darkness to the sound of our alarm clocks, some of us hit the snooze button, and some of us reluctantly drag ourselves out of bed, towards the window to see what type of day do we have today.

Dark…. Cold…Raining…or even Snow! We get ready for our day and head to work. But what have we not done?


Something animals and babies do constantly, but most of us don’t!  Stretching is not only important to do before exercise but first thing in the morning.

So why should we add this to our daily routine?

Stretching helps to;

  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve your posture.
  • Warm your muscles, allowing them to be more fluid-like preventing injury.
  • Increase blood supply.
  • Increase nutrient supply to muscles.
  • Reduce the risk of soreness in our muscles.
  • Release tension.
  • Improve the mind.
  • Increase energy.

The more you stretch your body, the more flexible you will become, and the easier it will be each day.  You don’t even have to get out of bed to stretch.

The list of benefits is endless, and so are the results, and this is one thing we can all fit into our day in January.

So raise your arms above your head, take a deep breath and stretch.

Or, take note from our animal friends and yoga style your downward dog.


Tanya McGuirk, Health and Nutrition Coach & Revive Active Account Manager.