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Top 5 Tips for Healthy Living

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Living

We all aspire to healthy living, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. We’ve created a list of 5 tips or ‘habits’ to incorporate into your daily routine that will help you stay healthy living!


1. Eat well

This is an obvious one, and it can be a difficult one. One rule of thumb I try to stick by is to eat foods with a low number
of ingredients. Generally best practice of this is to check the label, if there are words on there you can’t pronounce, forget it.  By becoming more aware of the ingredients in your food you will find your mind-set will begin to change, and you will see yourself reaching for more veggies and quality lean meat or fish.

The biggest downfall involved in eating healthy is that one minor slip-up spirals out of control and leads to a series of slip-ups. Be good to yourself, if you want a treat, go for it! Allowing yourself a treat, and enjoying it, will help you stay on track.


2. Drink lots of Water

H2O… Our bodies are made up of 60% of this stuff, so it only makes sense to ensure you’re getting enough of it each day. There are lots of good reasons to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Drinking water will help keep your energy levels in check, and flush out bad toxins in your body. It’s also great for the skin – win, win, win!


3. Exercise everyday

The key to exercising every day is by taking it at your own pace. If you’re not used to exercise then take it step-by-step. Take a 30 minute walk at a time that suits you, and increase this as time goes by. Or if you find going the gym boring, sign up to a fun fitness class. Find time that suits you, if you prefer coming home after work to close the door and chill out, then maybe morning would suit you better. Or, if you can take 30 minutes at lunch to go for a walk, do. There are 16 hours in your typical day from when you wake to when you go to bed – So find those important 30 minutes, they will pay off immensely.


4. Sleep

This is essential! Many people underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. You must remember your body and your brain needs a chance to rejuvenate itself. If you suffer from stress or anxiety a good night’s sleep could help you. Sleep can help relieve anxiety by giving your brain a break and time to process thoughts and emotions. So make sure you get your 8 hours every night. If you’re having trouble sleeping then you might be low in magnesium. Revive Active health supplement contains magnesium which can help get your sleeping pattern on track.



5. Think positive

Positive things come to positive people, and positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. Every morning you wake up
force yourself to smile. Yes, this is cheesy, however smiling helps to release happy endorphins and one happy thought leads to another, and another… and ultimately can lead you to a good day. If you wake up thinking negatively chances are you will have a series of negative thoughts. So make yourself smile, focus on your blessings and practice gratitude every day!


Sarah Burke – Digital Marketing Assistant at Revive Active