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Our Environment Affects Our Bodies

Our Environment Affects Our Bodies

How Has Our Environment Changed?

How much has our environment changed and how does this affect our bodies?  The answer to this question is all around us.  It’s in our air and our water, the pollutants our bodies are working overtime to detoxify.


It’s in our soil, the mineral deficiencies that result from intensive farming.  The answer is in our foods; raised for speed and profit, treated for long life and long journeys.  It’s in how we eat; fast food, quick bites and on the go.


How we live; busy stressed, inactive and indoors.


Our Environment Has Changed – Our Diet Need’s to do the Same.


Once upon a time, we lived in an unpolluted environment where we drank pristine water and ate nutrient rich, unprocessed foods.  We need to detoxify our bodies and supplement our diets.


To detox your body, get rid of high sugar foods and eat clean protein, fish, meat and poultry.


  1. Water

Drink plenty of water.  Water flushes waste from your kidneys, carries nutrients and curbs appetite to help you avoid temptations.  Have a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning and sip throughout the day.


  1. Eat Fiber

Fiber can help lower blood sugar and cut cholesterol. Focus on organic high-fiber plant foods like legumes and non-starchy veggies.


  1. Exercise

An intense workout stimulates lymphatic and digestive systems, which further releases toxins from the body.  Walk, run, cycle, aerobics, HIT; whatever suits your fitness level but make sure to work hard at it and get the blood flowing.


  1. Heat

Relax in a sauna!  The heat penetrates deep into your skin, releasing toxins from fat cells so they can be excreted. If you have trouble tolerating heat at traditional saunas or at the gym, a far-infrared sauna becomes the perfect solution.


  1. Health Supplement

Supplement your diet with a health food supplement.  There are many supplements on the market but Revive Active’s Health Food Supplement combines 22 active ingredients to support energy levels, reduce fatigue, support the immune system, contributes to normal heart function and maintain normal skin, hair and nails.


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Joanne Clancy
Marketing Manager, Revive Active
29th March 2016