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Zero Sugar & Zero Caffeine

Zero Sugar & Zero Caffeine
Did you know that the entire range of Revive Active products contain zero sugar and zero caffeine, making it possible to supplement your diet with natural energy benefits without suffering the energy highs and lows resulting from the consumption of caffeine or sugars. 

Sugar comes in different forms; table sugar (sucrose), corn sugar (glucose), milk sugar (lactose), honey sugar (fructose) and they are all sources of fuel for the body.  These are all known as ‘simple sugars’.  If you consume excessive amounts of simple sugars like sucrose and fructose they turn into fat in the liver and can lead to elevated triglycerides and cholesterol.  Plus these simple sugars offer an energy burst in the body but the energy is not sustained and result in a crash.


Caffeine is a stimulant which essentially pushes your brain into a type of ‘sprint’ without any real energy (calories) also resulting in a crash.


The combination of high caffeine and high sugar content in soft drinks attacks the body with a double whammy of artificial highs followed by a crash.  The chart below gives you a clear indication as how much of these sugars and caffeine are included in soft drinks.





The worldwide issue of obesity was all over the news again on Friday (1stApril) and only last month the UK confirmed the introduction of a Sugar Tax on soft drinks, a first step in tackling their obesity problem.


A new obesity study suggests that by 2025 the level of obesity among women in Ireland will be the second highest in Europe, just behind the UK.  The research also found that almost one-fifth of the world’s obese adults live in Ireland and five other high-income English-speaking countries – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Overall, the research shows that more adults in the world are now obese than underweight.  Ref: Lancet Obesity Report


These are scary statistics.  There seems to be a lot of talk about our obesity issue these days but every time a new report comes out the figures (pardon the pun) just get worse and worse.  Looking at the amount of sugar in the soft drinks below its not suprising that the obesity problem is not improving.

We are an educated, first world country, why do we keep missing the point?  The message is simple, Eat Less and Exercise More.  Supplement your diet with sugar free and caffeine free health supplements and stop consuming soft drinks loaded with sugar and caffeine.  It’s one step that will make a difference.


Joanne Clancy, Marketing Manager Revive Active
4th April 2016