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Revive Active Nutritional Talk

Revive Active Nutritional Talk


Tuesday 12th April marked the first Revive Active Nutritional Talk, hosted by Dr. Daniel Jones, R&D Director at Revive Active.


Dr. Jones’ presentation was entitled the Landscape of Nutrition and gave attendees a clear overview on the change in our nutrition over the last 100 years.  Whether you’re a picky eater, suboptimal diet or you are just too busy to plan meals properly, these days it’s increasing difficult to meet our nutritional demands.


Simply put the world is changing, we are now living longer than ever, our body demands for nutrition have increased and the foods we now eat do not have the same nutritional value as they did for our ancestors.

Our diet has changed:

  • According to the Mental Health Foundation, vegetable consumption has decreased by 34%, while fish consumption has decreased by 59%.
  • Freezing can reduce vitamin C by 30%
  • Canning foods can reduce the Thiamine by 40%
  • Over cooking can reduce folic acid by 70%

Dr. Jones discussed twe_are_what_we_eat-300x158he connection between poor nutrition and the effect it has on our mental, physical and social health.

Remember to fuel your life with good nutrition and stay active, healthy and happy.

We are what we eat.


There will be more FREE Nutritional Talks taking place over the year.   Don’t miss the next one.