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The Evolution of Supplementation

The Evolution of Supplementation

Dr. Daniel Jones of Revive Active, explains the evolution of supplementation from creams, to tablets, to drinks, to powder sachet supplementation.


Creams and ointments have become increasingly popular as supplementation delivery methods, particularly when it comes to joint pain applications. The vast majority of these formulas use ingredients like menthol, which creates a cooling feeling upon inflamed and painful joints, or ingredients derived from chilli extracts, which work to actually deplete the natural signal that the nerves within our body use to transmit pain. The primary problem here is a superficial approach to a much deeper problem, which only offers momentary relief from pain. This is not a long term solution to a chronic problem. Additionally, creams can only penetrate and act so far under the surface of the skin, often greatly ignoring the underlying issue. To enact real beneficial change to our physiology, the approach must come from the inside out, and not vice versa.



The delivery of supplements formulations through tablets is arguably still the most common delivery method employed.  There are advantages to this method in terms of the ability to make custom sizes and shapes, they can be odourless and tasteless, coatings can be used to protect sensitive ingredients from air and moisture and there is a low cost in manufacturing. However, these advantages are not without their down sides. Capsules which contain bulky material can result in large sizes making it difficult for many to comfortably swallow. Steps to reduce this, for example excessive compaction of the ingredients via machinery, has helped reduce capsule size but results in poor dissolution and digestion, therefore impairing the body’s ability to absorb and utilize efficiently which is essentialtablets. Tablets also often contain fillers and binders to help hold its shape, acting as a biological glue. These ingredients do not offer any benefit to the individual, however, and can further contribute to difficulties in digestion and absorption.


The age of supplement drinks has worked to improve areas in effective supplementation where creams and tablets have fallen short. Real physiological change must take place internally, and to do so it must function optimally regarding the body’s ability to absorb and utilize. Supplement drinks work to give a solution free from fillers, binders and additives included in tablets, and through an oral delivery source. The solution aspect has great advantages over both creams and capsules as it is readily absorbed by the body without the need for digestion. The primary downside to this approach is many of the nutrients found in supplement drinks are almost completely broken down by the time they reach the individual. Water soluble vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B12 and so on, greatly lose potency when kept in water or exposed to moisture. This significantly reduces their effectiveness and benefits.


Enter powder sachet supplements. A technique to supply the most effective nutritional supplementation through an oral delivery method, free from fillers and binders of bulky tablets, and without the downside of broken down ineffective nutrients of pre-made drink solutions. Powder sachets have raised the bar in the nutritional supplement

industry by allowing formulations to be composed of pure natural nutrients which can be made fresh daily for a potent and effective delivery method.powder

By introducing vitamins and nutrients to solution prior to consumption, we are able to optimize their effectiveness to get the most out of our nutrition every day in an extremely easy and practical manner. It is easy to see why the future of national supplementation has arrived.


Dr. Daniel Jones

Director of R&D, Revive Active