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What’s In One Revive Active Sachet

What’s In One Revive Active Sachet

Do you know what’s in one Revive Active sachet?


Revive Active Health Food Supplement contributes to normal energy levels, reduces tiredness and fatigue, supports the immune system, contributes to heart health and helps maintain normal skin, hair and nails but do you know what one sachet contains to provide all of these benefits?


Here is the entire list of ingredients contained in one sachet compared to food and the amount of the food you would need to consume to accumulate all the nutritional benefits in one daily sachet.  Thanks to Dr. Daniel Jones for putting this together, it makes for interesting reading.


Revive Active: What each sachet offers compared to food

Ingredient Amt per sachet Primary food source Amt food Equivalent
Arginine 4 g Shrimp 17 Shrimp
Citrulline 2 g Watermelon 2 Watermelons
Co Enzyme Q10 100 mg Chicken 5 Chickens
Taurine 1 g Mackerel 1 Fillet
Carnitine 750 mg Beef 9 Steaks
Glutamine 500 mg Beef 1 Steak
Vitamin D3 50 ug Milk 17 Cups
Vitamin E 18 mg Spinach 4 Cups
Folic Acid 400 ug Rice 4 Cups
Vitamin B12 * 2.5 ug Fortified Cereal * 1 serving *
Magnesium 56.65 mg Spinach 2 Cups
Selenium * 55 ug Mushrooms * 2 Cups *
Vitamin K2 150 ug Basil 2 Tablespoons
Vitamin C * 500 mg Orange 8 Oranges
Vitamin B6 4.2 mg Sunflower Seeds 4 Cups
Vitamin B3 48 mg Tuna 2 Steaks
Thiamine * 3.3 mg Sunflower Seeds * 5 Cups *
Riboflavin * 5.6 mg Spinach 10 Cups *
Vitamin B5 18 mg Mushrooms 3 Cups


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Joanne Clancy
Marketing Manager
Revive Active