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Five Weeks to 5km: Week 1

Five Weeks to 5km: Week 1

Here in Revive Active HQ we have decided that it is time to get up and active. With more and more people interested in running we are going to jump on the bandwagon and train for our first every 5km! 

We have set ourselves a target to be able to run 5k in just 5 weeks time, which is just in time for the A Lust for Life 5km race lfl.pngbased here in Galway. 


For those of you who don’t know, A Lust for Life is social movement for well being. They aim to connect the dots between mental health, physical health, our soul and society, as well as offering people a platform to share personal stories about how they made it through difficult periods in their lives. They have organised many runs and races throughout Ireland this year including the the VHI Run Your Life Galway Racecourse 5k on September 3rd 2016. You can find out more about A Lust for Life and sign up for the race HERE.

So why not join us in our Five Weeks to 5km mission and start your training today?

Even if you are not based in Galway you can train for a 5k of your choice or for your own personal well being – there is nothing stopping you only yourself!

We have devised a simple plan for you to follow each week that will cover both fitness and strength training. Best of all it is completely free to follow.

All you will need is runners and some sort of app/watch to measure the distance you are running. A couple of apps which we find great are:

  • Run Keeper
  • Map My Run
  • Runtastic
  • Nike+ Running

All of these can be found on the App Store and Android Play Store.

 Below you will see the training plan for week 1. Each week you will have 3 runs, the first being a slow paced jog (SJ), the second a jog (J) and the third a running pace (R). 

Day 1 consists of a couple of exercises (squats and planking) to ease you into getting active. Squatting and planking are great for building muscle in your legs and glutes and also strengthening your core, which are both needed when running. 


Although squatting and planking may seem easy, there is a technique to achieving both – as shown above. Getting the technique right is almost as important as carrying out the exercise so be sure to practice!


We will be sharing our training across our social media sites including Snapchat ‘ReviveActive’ and Instagram @ReviveActive, 

Facebookand Twitter– be sure to follow us!snapchat.png

If you have any questions on the training plan we would be more than happy to help – leave us a comment below.

 You can also find more tips on running in our recent blog post: Running? Mind Your Joints