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Five Weeks to 5km: Week 2

Five Weeks to 5km: Week 2

5 Weeks to 5k: Week 2 is now upon us, and here in Revive HQ our legs are definitely feeling the effects of our new training regime. Well done to those of you who have decided to follow us. For those who haven’t, there is still time – it may be slightly tougher but it will be worth it!

Follow the guide from Week 1 HERE

On this week’s agenda we are upping the distance to 1.5 miles per jog/run. A 5k run is 3.2miles so once you have this week finished you will be almost half way there. The trick to running is building up your distance over time. This training program increases by half a mile each week, so by the end of the 5 weeks you will be more than ready for the 5k distance.


Download Week 2  Training Plan

We are aware that for some of you this is your first time running, or you might be making a running comeback! You achieving your goal is very important to us and we want to help you in any way possible. If you have any questions please leave us a message below.

Top Tips to Remember:

  • Drink plenty of water – at least 2 litres a day
  • Don’t forget to stretch before and after exercising to prevent injury
  • Make sure to do your strengthening exercises to help build muscle
  • Have fun!


Did you know that for each pound of excess weight your body carries, your knees endure 4 pounds of pressure? So if you are 20 pounds overweight 80 pounds are exerted on your knees when you walk. This pressure increases when taking part in activities such as jogging and running. If you are experiencing pain while exercising you should read more on our product Joint Complex – designed specifically for joint pain in athletes and the aging.

On the other hand if you are lacking in energy you could try our Revive Active Health Supplement for a boost. Read our testimonial below from Robert White chartered Physiotherapist and ultra-marathon runner.


Revive Active Running Testimonial – Robert White:

‘Back in November I had the pleasure of meeting the sales director of Revive Active, Liam Salmon, whilst at a conference inROB.jpg London. Liam was there promoting ‘Revive Active’ and after a brief chat about running and drinking (particularly hangovers!) Liam convinced me to give Revive Active a go … after running marathons and maybe after a night out!

As our marathon training started to pick up in early February, it became apparent that the volume of running was going to require much more attention to our nutrition before, during and after every session. The long marathon runs back to back on Sundays and Mondays were taking their toll on the legs, perhaps as expected, but definitely leading a lot more to potential injury.

Remembering the chat Liam and I had had, I began using Revive Active after every long run, immediately on finishing and couldn’t believe the difference that it made. The transition from Sunday to Monday was much more tolerable. In fact getting out of bed the morning after the long run on Sunday was notably easier and my legs felt a lot looser with less cramping sensation.

I ‘shared the wealth’ with Brian Holden (pictured) and he too started using the drink powder – despite struggling with its acquired ‘Marmite’ type taste! – feeling a great benefit for introducing it.

Revive Active is a blend of 26 all natural ingredients including vitamins and minerals, which bound together, create fantastic results, in particular helping you to stay alert and releasing your energy potential.

We intend to use it both after runs and as the distance increases, we’re trying it out during too!

HIGHLY recommend this easy to use product as a recovery drink for any activity at any level … CHECK IT OUT!’

Mr Robert White MSc BSc MCSP (Principal Physiotherapist)

Chartered Physiotherapist, CORE worker (UK lead), Pilates Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Sports Scientist
Clinical Expertise: Spinal Problems, Lower Limb Problems, Knee & Ankle Injuries, Pelvis & Groin Injuries, Football Rehab, Pilates Rehab & Pilates for Sport

While we won’t be training for an ultra marathon just yet, it is great to see Revive Active benefiting people of all ages and levels of exercise.snapchat.png

Best of luck with this weeks training! Don’t forget to follow us and share your progress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat ‘reviveactive’



The Revive Active Team