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Five Weeks to 5km: Week 4

Five Weeks to 5km: Week 4

Welcome to 5 Weeks to 5km: Week 4. Well done to everybody who has made it this far in the plan – you should be very proud of yourself. We are coming up to the final stretch, so hang in there! Here in Revive we are feeling more comfortable while running, fitter than ever before we started this plan and best of all we have increased energy levels. It’s a win-win!

If you have just found out about this 5k training plan don’t worry you can follow the guide from Week 1 HERE

So this week we are again increasing our running distance. This week we will be running 2.5 miles, taking us ever closer to our target of 3.2 miles. We are also increasing our squatting and planking to 75 squats and an 80 sec plank by the end of the week. If you are finding the increasing distance difficult to follow don’t give up. Try slowing down your pace, even to a walk if you have to but do not stop moving – that is the key!

 5 Weeks to 5k - Week 4

Dowload  Week 4 Now A Lust for LifeFor those of you who don’t know we are partaking in this 5k training plan for the charity, A Lust for Life, which is a social movement for well being. They aim to connect the dots between mental health, physical health, our soul and society, as well as offering people a platform to share personal stories about how they made it through difficult periods in their lives. They have organised many runs and races throughout Ireland this year including the the VHI Run Your Life Galway Racecourse 5k on September 3rd 2016. You can find out more about A Lust for Life and sign up for the race HERE.

If you have and questions on the plan or would like more information please leave us a message below – we are more than happy to help. Like last week we also have some tips below on how you can improve your training.


 Our training plan is designed to enable you to run 5km within 5 weeks. Unlike other 8/10 week plans, this one will push you harder, which sometimes is not a bad thing. While we want to push you we definitely don’t want you to pick up an injury. So with that in mind we have complied our Top 8 Tips to Prevent Injuries while exercising. 

Top 8 Tips to Prevent Injury



Revive Active Running Testimonial – Mother & Daughter Marathon Runners, Linda & Marie:

Diary Entry 1:

So Mum is a week ahead of me on the Revive Active and she is feeling the benefits of Revive Active more than me at the Linda & Mariemoment. She’s taking it religiously every morning before she eats or drinks anything else. She’s feeling that she has more of a get up and go type of energy. She’s not feeling as fatigue as she would normally feel, especially after our long runs. She’s also noticed an improvement in her skin, as in there’s a better glow/colour from it. She feels more refreshed if that makes sense.

I on the other hand am not as strict taking the Revive Active. I was on holidays for the first week after getting Revive Active, so I’m a week behind Mum. I’m taking it every morning before I have my morning coffee Mon – Friday but then I’m a little relaxed about it at the weekends. When I go out for my runs at the weekend, I go out first thing in the morning. I’m not one to eat in the morning before I go running, so I’d take the Revive Active when I get back from my runs. I’m definitely finding that I’m not as tired after my long runs as I would normally have been and I’m also sleeping a lot better than what I’d normally do.

Chat soon,

Diary Entry 2:

Since our last update I’ve taken Revive Active religiously first thing every morning. This week is a very important week for us before the Dublin Marathon, where rest and diet play a vital part in preparation. The long training miles have now been clocked up and we’re in tapering mode where we’ve some nice short training runs planned for this week. We are finding the benefits of Revive Active really helping us both in the last few weeks. Both of us are finding that we’re able to get up and out of the bed the minute the alarm goes off in the morning. We don’t have the stuck to the bed feeling. I’m also finding that I’m feeling refreshed and getting benefit from my night’s sleep, whereas before I started the Revive Active trial, I found that even though I could have got a full night’s sleep, when I’d wake in the morning I’d feel like I hadn’t slept at all.

We’re looking forward to the marathon and feeling energetic going into it. Let’s hope the feeling is the same this time next week when we’ve it completed.


Linda & Marie

Diary Entry 3:Dublin Marathon


One week post Dublin marathon and we’re feeling great and energised. What we’ve noticed this week post marathon is that the recovery time has been a lot quicker than past marathon experiences. The fatigue feeling after the marathon didn’t seem to last as long into the week after the marathon. We were back out running Wednesday evening and over the weekend. Thanks to you and all in Revive Active for introducing us to Revive Active. We will be continuing to take it for the foreseeable future.

Kind regards

Linda and Marie


Linda and Marie have been taking Revive Active for a couple of years now and swear by it for daily life and marathon recoveriessnapchat.png. Try Revive Active out for yourself – you can but it HERE!

Best of luck with this weeks training. Don’t forget to follow us and share your progress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat ‘reviveactive’



The Revive Active Team