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Ingredient Spotlight: Choline

Ingredient Spotlight: Choline

Increasingly we are hearing about the importance and health benefits of choline in our diet, but what exactly is choline and what does it do? In this ingredient spotlight we will explore just that!


Choline is a water-soluble nutrient similar to vitamin C or the B-complex vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins, unlike fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, cannot be efficiently stored by the body, therefore making it important to obtain adequate intake every Choline.jpgday.

Within food, choline can be found in primarily seafood and animal products like shrimp or chicken. However, we don’t always obtain an adequate amount of choline every day, which is important as it is a water-soluble vitamin, particularly for vegetarians. This is important as deficiency in choline can result in profound effects, especially when we consider how important it is!

So what does Choline do?

Choline has many roles in the body and essential to several biological processes. One of the most important involves our brain and nervous system.

The brain relies on a complex network of signals to communicate. Imagine that the brain is a complicated web of phone lines and each area needs to communicate with the rest to function properly. Without a signal, or voice, traveling over the phone lines, there is no communication. Choline is the backbone of one the brains most important signals known as acetylcholine. By making sure the brain has enough daily choline, we can also make sure the brain has what it needs to make this important signal therefore communicating and functioning to its best. Choline is also very important for healthy nerve function throughout the nervous system.

The benefits of choline are just not limited to the brain and nervous system. Choline is also extremely important for muscle movement, a healthy metabolism and energy levels, and liver function.

It is clear that choline is a very important nutrient with a lot of big jobs to keep us healthy and functioning to our best. That’s why choline is one of our main components of the Revive Active Mastermind formula for cognitive function, brain and nervous
system function and mental performance.daniel.png

One daily sachet of Mastermind contains 250mg of Choline. One egg contains 115mg of Choline, so taking Mastermind is the equivalent of eating more than 2 eggs.

Dr. Daniel Jones – Head of Research and Development in Revive Active.


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