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Ingredient Spotlight: DHA

Ingredient Spotlight: DHA

You may have heard of the importance of omega-3 fatty acid DHA in our diet, but do you know what is it really and why is it so important?  


Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which is mostly found in fish oil, krill oil, algae oil and in maternal breast milk.  DHA is the main structural component of the brain, cerebral cortex (which is the part of the brain responsible for consciousness) and the retinas of the eye.


Omega-3 fatty acids make up:DHA.jpg

  • 40% of the Nervous System

  • 50% of the Brain

  • 60% of the Retina


So what does DHA do?

The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is one of the primary building blocks for these important structures which is why it is found in such high concentrations in breast milk and so important to developing babies – it’s what the body looks to in building brains, the nervous system and more! Without sufficient daily DHA, the body can become deficient resulting in an impairment of important processes within our bodies. This can lead to impaired brain or nervous system function as well as increased inflammation.

 The reason omega-3 fatty acids are so important in balancing inflammation in our bodies is because they are actually used in the making of anti-inflammatory signals. Imagine that there is a cycle within our bodies responsible for making signals which direct our immune system response based off ingredients. Also imagine that this cycle can only process so many ingredients at a time. If all we do is enter ingredients which make inflammatory signals, then we will be in a constant state of inflammation. This is bad because it essentially means our immune system is constantly on red alert which can lead to destructive processes and an immune system that is not ready to function properly when we actually need it.

Omega-6 and omega-9 are ingredients which primarily produce inflammatory signals – and we get more than enough of these from fried and processed food. What we often don’t get enough of is the anti-inflammatory producing omega-3s, the balance of which is essential! A balanced diet of our ancestors would be a ratio of 1:1 or 1:3 of omega-3s to omega-6 and omega-9, but in the modern age it can be more like 1:15 or even 1:30! This increased inflammation can be very damaging to our brain, heart and body in general, so it is very important to try and keep a proper balance.daniel.png

The benefits of DHA are vast from being the building blocks of our brain, nervous system and retinas of the eyes, to help balancing inflammation and our immune system response and even keeping our
heart healthy! For this reason, we make DHA easy and available every day at Revive Active whether it be in our superior Krill Oil capsules or in our Mastermind formula.


Dr. Daniel Jones – Head of Research and Development in Revive Active.



Each sachet of our Mastermind supplement contains 0.35g of Omega 3 DHA while one capsule of KRILL_BO_X_2.jpgour Krill Oil contains 27.5mg of Omega 3 DHA. We recommend taking 2 Krill Oil capsules a day which is why our 1 month box contains 60 capsules

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