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Top 5 Healthy Trick or Treating Snacks!

Top 5 Healthy Trick or Treating Snacks!


It’s that time of the year again – when we can dress up in whatever we want and get away with it.. the kids also enjoy it too!

Growing up in Ireland, Halloween has always been a big holiday. A week off school, putting up decorations, dressing up and eating as many sweets as humanly possible – what wasn’t to love?! Today Halloween is still celebrated however more and more people are making a conscious effort to provide healthier treats. This is where we would like to help!

We asked around the office for tips on how to provide fun, yet healthy trick or treating ideas. Check them out below!

1. Pop-Corn Handspopcorn hands.jpg

This is definitely our favourite idea. Jane in our office recently made them for a Halloween party and said the children loved them. They are very easy to make – simply buy some microwave popcorn or make you can make your own. Then all you have to do is fill the gloves and decorate them. 



2. Chocolate Apples

Getting children to eat their fruit and vegetables can be difficult at the best of times. Why not try chocolate apple.jpgcovered apples dipped in sprinkles? Not only are they healthy and delicious but they are also eye-catching – children will definitely  be tempted to try them. You can also try caramel covered apples or if you are feeling really adventurous you can try chocolate and caramel!



3. Glow Sticks/Bracelets

We decided to include a non-food item on this list too, and let’s face it – who doesn’t like glow sticks? They provide hours of light entertainment (pardon the pun!) and can be found in any local pound shop. A simple, glowsticks.jpgsugar-free option for your trick-or-treaters.



4. Scary Oranges

Scary oranges don’t necessarily have to be scary, they can be what ever you want them to be. Again simple and easy to create, all you will need is a marker and some oranges.  


5. Sugar Free SweetsFullSizeRender.jpg

If all else fails you can give your trick-or-treaters good ol’fashioned sweets. Look for sugar-free or organic sweets which can be found in most supermarkets and shops. Be careful when buying items that include nuts (in case of nut allergies) and lollipops (in case of choking).

Obviously there are many other ways in which to offer a healthy Halloween alternative – these are just some of our favourites.

Do you have any ideas for healthy trick-or-treating options? We would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send an email to


Hope you have a spook-tacular weekend!