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Paula’s Top 7 Tips for Marathon Training

Paula’s Top 7 Tips for Marathon Training

Paula Radcliffe is a British long-distance runner. Paula holds the world record for the women’s marathon,  which she set during the 2003 London Marathon in April, with a time of 2:15:25. In November 2004 she won the New York Marathon in breath-taking style and in 2005 she took the gold medal at the World Championships in Helsinki for the same distance.

Paula discovered Revive Active Products in 2016 and after taking Revive Active and Joint Complex daily since, she and her family have been enjoying the many benefits that they offer. Now she is a proud brand ambassador for Revive Active.

“I was so glad when I discovered Joint Complex because I’ve struggled with arthritis in my foot, stemming from a long-sustained foot injury back in 1994, which caused a lot of arthritic problems.  Since starting to take Joint Complex I’ve just noticed that in the morning there was a lot less stiffness a lot less swelling at the end of the day and I can just do more on my foot which suits me down to the ground.”

With the Dublin City Marathon only 8 weeks away, it’s time to put in place a training regime to make sure you are prepared for the race ahead. Below are some tips recommended by Paula Radcliffe to get you marathon ready. 

Tip 1: 

Firstly, make sure you have the right pair of shoes for your running gait and try and link up with running ‘buddies’ either friends or a club. This helps keep you motivated.

Tip 2: 

Secondly, nutrition overhaul. Put in place the right nutrients for training support, recovery and immune health. Training for a marathon requires good strength and recovery.

Tip 3: 

Flesh out the training plan. Choose the training days that work for you around work and family commitments. Work out the best day for one long run, one recovery run, one faster shorter run and one speed/hills/Fartlek day.

Tip 4:

Gradually increase the length of your long run to roughly the length of time you are aiming for in the marathon itself. Aim to hit this around 5-6 weeks before race day. Repeat after 7-10 days then start tapering the length of long run back down again.

Tip 5:

Plan the taper. 3 weeks before the marathon start decreasing the volume of the running. For long runs around 25-30% each week so that the week before you don’t run over 90 mins.

Tip 6:

Practice on long runs with the fueling before and during the runs that you will use on race day. So you find what works for you before and during the race

Tip 7:

Enjoy! Switch up the long run terrain and explore to keep it fresh and stimulating.


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