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Beauty Complex

Beauty Complex

Beauty Complex is one of the newest additions to the range of Revive Active products. As with all Revive Active products, Beauty Complex contains premium ingredients in optimum quantities:

7,000mg of Peptan® Marine Collagen: Collagen makes up approximately 30% of proteins in our bodies. Collagen is a key structural protein that ensures cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of connective tissues such as skin and cartilage. With age, less collagen is produced naturally by the body and the first signs of ageing occur.

100mg Phytoceramides: Our Phytoceramides are derived from rice, and contain lipids that are the same as those found naturally in our skin. They penetrate the four layers of our skin to boost natural production of collagen, which leads to plumpness of the skin.

100mg Hyaluronic Acid: As we age, skin loses its natural moisture. Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to replenish this moisture that is essential in order to having younger looking healthy skin. It also helps in improving the appearance of laughter lines and wrinkles.

Rather than having to bypass layers of skin cells that act as barriers for creams and serums alike, ingesting ingredients means the body can start absorbing the essential actives as soon as they’re swallowed. While a balanced and healthy lifestyle will help the appearance of the skin, obtaining the adequate amounts of nutrients to change the skins matrix from food alone is unrealistic, which is why the addition of a targeted supplement helps to encourage skin to function at optimal levels.

Medical Backing

Dr Anita Sturnham, founder of Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Centre, is the newest advocate of Beauty Complex . “Knowing that my patients have the optimal levels of collagen, phytoceramides and antioxidant levels means I can be sure that they have the internal nutritional ‘building blocks’ needed to obtain the optimum results from our skincare and advanced facial treatments. Its why I’m happy to endorse Beauty Complex as the percentages of collagen used in the supplement are superior to many others in the market. It is also supplied by highly regarded leaders in collagen research and production, backed by clinical trials.”