Revive Active

Revive Active


Revive Active, the super supplement with 26 active ingredients delivering multiple benefits in one convenient sachet. Each Revive Active sachet supports Energy, the Immune System, Bone Health, Heart Health and Skin, Hair and Nails.

You can now clear your shelves of multiple bottles and replace them with one daily sachet.
Check out the A-Z of Revive Active to see why:


 Arginine (4g per sachet)

 Vitamin B
B1 Thiamin (3.3mg per sachet)
B2 Riboflavin (5.6mg per sachet)
B3 Niacin (48mg per sachet)
B5 (18mg per sachet)
B6 (4.2mg per sachet)
B12 (2.5ug per sachet)
Vitamin C (0.5g per sachet)
Chromium (60.0ug per sachet)
Citrulline (2g per sachet)
Copper (0.2mg per sachet)

Vitamin D3 (25ug per sachet)

 Vitamin E (18mg per sachet)

 Folic Acid (300ug per sachet)

 Glutamine (500mg per sachet)

 Heart Health
The mix of 26 ingredients within one sachet will help contribute to the normal function of the heart. Thiamine helps to support cardiac function, while the synergistic effects between Arginine and Citrulline impact circulation by widening blood vessels and thus helping constricted blood vessels stay relaxed and elastic.

No Added Iron
We don’t add iron to our supplement, therefore it is safe for people with high levels of iron to take.

Add-In Juice
Change up your Revive routine and add your sachet to juice or a smoothie!

Vitamin K2 (150ug per sachet)

We have removed this from our formula due to quality issues.

Magnesium (56.7mg per sachet)
Molybdate (37.5 ug per sachet)
Promotes a healthy metabolism
Manganese (2mg per sachet)
Contributes to natural energy throughout the day

Nails, Skin & Hair
Our combined ingredients help to maintain strong and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Optimal Dosage for Peak Health
The Revive Active Health Supplement works by supplying the body with all of the essential nutrients required in not just the minimum, but optimal daily dosage for peak health.

Pomegranate (26mg per sachet)

CoQ10 (150mg per sachet)
Our new formula now contains 50mg more CoQ10. Each sachet now contains 150mg of CoQ10 without any extra cost!

Ribose (3g per sachet)
A key component in the production of energy, Ribose is a type of sugar that is produced by the body. Ribose does not convert to glucose therefore it is safe for people with diabetes to take.

Selenium (55ug per sachet)

Taurine (1g per sachet)

Universal Health Supplement
A high-quality blend of 26 active ingredients, our health supplement delivers a multitude of health benefits in one convenient daily sachet.

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

 No Added Wheat

X-Cellent Benefits!

With an orange and mango flavour (with no added sugars, see R – Ribose), it makes for a refreshing tasting drink that you can take at home or on the go.

 Zinc (7.5mg per sachet)
We added zinc to the formula due to its ability to provide immune system support.