Eilish McColgan Mastering the Long Run: 8 Tips to Increase the Distance and Sustain Energy during Your Runs!

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Eilish McColgan's Top tips for mastering the Long Run: 8 Tips to Increase the Distance and Sustain Energy during Your Runs!

Eilish McColgan Mastering the Long Run

Whether you're a beginner aiming for your first 5K Parkrun or an experienced runner pushing for longer distances; sustaining energy is key. This month's blog explores effective strategies to boost your running endurance and maintain optimal energy levels.

1. Build a Solid Foundation:
Start with a well-structured training plan that gradually increases mileage. It's important to avoid sudden spikes in distance - increase mileage by no more than 10% each week to avoid overtraining and injuries. Patience is key; so, allow your body time to adapt to the increased workload. 

2. Fuel Your Body:
Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of endurance - particularly for runners building towards a half or full marathon. Every morning, I take a sachet of Zest Active by Revive Active before my breakfast. It comprises over 25 nutrients that not only support the immune system but also help to sustain my energy levels. Taking on board some extra fuel on your longer runs is crucial to avoid any energy crashes. I take a carbohydrate gel every 5km on runs that last longer than an hour, to ensure I sustain my energy levels. 

3. Incorporate Strength Training:
Strengthening your core and lower body muscles can improve your overall running performance but more importantly, it helps to maintain good running form and reduce fatigue towards the end of longer runs and races. When you start to fatigue, often you will lose running form and risk picking up injuries. Having a strong core can really help maintain optimal posture. 

4. Listen to Your Body:
Pay attention to signs of fatigue and adjust your training accordingly. Adequate rest and recovery are essential for long-term progress. Don't hesitate to take rest days when needed.

And after a long run or hard session, prioritise your recovery with stretching, foam rolling and adequate nutriton. Taking Joint Complex is a great way to ensure you are covering all recovery bases - a supplement made specifically to support your muscles, joints and bones. A well-recovered body is always better prepared for the next training week! 

5. Find Some Company: 
It can make a huge difference to motivation levels by joining a local club or finding a friend to run with. Running clubs are a great way to bring a social element to your running and to keep you motivated during the colder, winter months. During motivational slumps, it's much easier to get out the door with company and the long miles fly by when chatting to a friend. 

6. Switch It Up: 
Don't be afraid to switch up your training. Add in some extra speed work or focus on some more endurance runs if you feel like you are mentally hitting a bit of a plateau. Sometimes it can be as simple as trying a different running route to help spark that enthusiasm and keep your motivation on the longer runs. 

7. Find A Coach:
There are so many running programmes to follow online but having a coach is definitely one of the best ways to build up your training and stay consistent. Having a coach set your schedule takes away a lot of the legwork and makes planning a little easier. Have confidence in the programme and stick as closely as possible in order to see the best results. A coach will help balance your programme and give you the best chance of sustaining your pace and energy to make it to race day in one piece!

8. Race and Enjoy:
Entering some small races in the lead up to your big goal race can be a great way to split up training and give you a bit of a motivational boost. Racing is the fun part and they can be a great training tool as you build up in distance. Start with the shorter races before tackling something longer. But more importantly, don't forget to enjoy it! Not all races can be personal bests but they can be used as training efforts and stepping stones towards your bigger goals. 

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