Omega Active from Revive Active obtains Friend of the Sea sustainability certification

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Omega Active's Sustainability Certification

Revive Active is proud to confirm that Omega Active, the latest product in their range, is certified sustainable and carries the Friend of the Sea certification. This is the first Omega-3 supplement in the range to obtain this certification.

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The Benefits of Friend of the Sea Certification for Our Omega Supplements

In a world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are of utmost importance, ensuring the ethical sourcing of our products is a top priority. At Revive Active, we are proud to announce that our Omega supplements are certified by Friend of the Sea, a project by the World Sustainability Organization. This certification stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving marine ecosystems and offering high-quality, safe, and nutrient-rich supplements to our customers.


Why Friend of the Sea Certification Matters

Friend of the Sea has emerged as the leading certification standard for products and services that safeguard the marine environment. It is the only sustainable fisheries certification process globally recognized and supervised by a National Accreditation Body. Various benchmark studies have validated the robustness and dependability of the Friend of the Sea certification and its chain of custody. This certification standard is renowned for its stringent criteria and thorough validation processes, ensuring the utmost reliability and trustworthiness. Here's how this certification benefits both the environment and your health:


Health Benefits

Purity and Safety:

Omega supplements certified by Friend of the Sea come from sustainable sources, which often means they are free from contaminants such as heavy metals and toxins. This ensures that our products are cleaner and safer for consumption, including for pregnant women, offering you peace of mind with every dose.

Nutrient Quality:

Sustainable sources maintain high levels of essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, crucial for cardiovascular and brain health. By choosing our certified Omega supplements, you are ensuring that you receive these vital nutrients in their most potent and beneficial form.


Environmental Benefits

Habitat Conservation:

Friend of the Sea certification requires minimal impact on marine habitats, protecting coral reefs, seagrass beds, and other vital ecosystems. This commitment to habitat conservation helps preserve the delicate balance of marine life and supports biodiversity.

Strict Production Requirements:

To minimize environmental impact, the certification mandates that Omega-3 oils should originate from fisheries that adhere to strict measures designed to reduce environmental footprint. This ensures that our sourcing practices are as sustainable and responsible as possible.

Compliant fisheries must:

  • target fish stock that is not overexploited
  • generate no more than 8% discard waste
  • not bycatch endangered species
  • be managed based on the Precautionary Principle
  • be managed considering its impact on the ecosystem
  • manage its waste
  • be energy efficient
  • comply with Social Accountability principles
  • process fish and omega-3 in line with Environment Management System practices



The certification process includes strict traceability measures from catch to capsule. This means that every step of the supply chain is monitored, ensuring that our Omega supplements can be traced back to their sustainable sources. This transparency is a cornerstone of our commitment to ethical practices.


Commitment to Voluntary Certification

It is important to note that the Friend of the Sea certification is voluntary and not mandatory for market access. Our decision to pursue this certification reflects our dedication to going above and beyond standard requirements, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Why We Chose Friend of the Sea

Opting for a non-sustainable source for Omega supplements could have significant drawbacks, including the depletion of marine resources, destruction of habitats, and higher levels of contaminants in the final product. By choosing Friend of the Sea certified Omega supplements, we ensure that we are not only providing you with a superior product but also contributing positively to the health of our oceans.

At Revive Active, we believe in the power of sustainable choices. Our Friend of the Sea certified Omega supplements are a testament to our dedication to purity, quality, and environmental responsibility.

Choose Revive Active for a healthier you and a healthier planet.


Comprehensive Health Support

The Revive Active range provides nutrition and health support for all needs, from boosting physical and mental agility, beauty, and immune system to addressing specific necessities such as menopausal support and children’s development.


Usage and Recommendations

Omega Active can be taken along with any other products in the range or on its own to support brain, vision, and heart function. It is recommended for anyone aged 15 and up, and it is advised to check with a healthcare professional before use, especially if you have a known medical condition or are taking medication.

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