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Choosing the best immune boosting supplement | Find the best supplement for your needs



Immune health has been the recent focal point in health for many; however, prioritising healthy immune function can be more challenging as people get back to their normal, busy lives. This may be where immunity supplements could be helpful.

This article summarises our guides on finding the perfect immune boost for your lifestyle. Firstly, we cover the benefits of an immune health supplement and what to look for before buying. Then, we highlight the value of an all-in-one supplement for immune support and vitality. Finally, we compare Revive Active's product lines for immune support, including Revive Active, Zest Active, Teen and Junior Revive, to help you decide which super supplement is for you and your lifestyle.

Finding the best immune supplement

Dietary supplements can be a fantastic and convenient way to get the proper nutrient profile for immune health. They can accommodate those with busy lifestyles who struggle to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle and diet. They can also benefit anyone whose diet may lack essential nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, vitamin B12 or B6. Vegan, vegetarian or any other limiting diet may lack certain immune-boosting nutrients.

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What to look for in an immune health supplement

Choosing an immunity supplement from the broad variety available may not be easy. We explore the key characteristics of a high-quality, effective immune supplement to help you buy. The first thing to consider when choosing a vitamin is the ingredients. The top ingredients to look out for in an immune supplement are:

  • Vitamin C contributes to healthy immune function. Look for supplements that supply at least the adult's daily recommended dose (80g) of vitamin C. Athletes seeking effective immune support should look for a supplement containing at least 240mg of vitamin C.
  • Zinc - contributes to the normal function of the immune system, and Zinc deficiency affects the cells involved in innate and adaptive immunity.
  • Vitamin D - Vitamin D3 contributes to normal immune function, and due to urbanisation, indoor lifestyles and other factors, vitamin D deficiencies are globally commonplace. There is evidence that vitamin D deficiency is related to immune suppression.

Vitamin B6, folate (folic acid), vitamin B12, copper and selenium are additional nutrients to look out for in immune supplements. These vitamins and minerals all contribute to a healthy immune system.

Choosing a daily, all-in-one supplement

Before choosing a supplement, you must consider the vitamin supplement formula and ingredient combinations. Here, we explore the benefits of selecting a daily multivitamin super supplement drink.

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Your immune system is a defence mechanism and relies on a consistent supply of essential nutrients. A daily immune booster can help you hit your nutrient goals consistently if you struggle to eat a healthy diet consistently. Complete supplements are also scientifically formulated to contain adequate amounts of essential vitamins for an adult's immune system, and they are provided in safe quantities and combinations. With a complete supplement, there is no need to take separate supplements.

For many individuals, immune function is not necessarily a top health priority, or you may also wish to target other areas with supplements. You may prefer to use a multivitamin supplement that can help target different support areas in the body; a daily, all-in-one supplement can help you do just that.

What to look for in an all-in-one supplement?

Consider the benefits that you are looking for in addition to immune support. Are you an older adult looking for longevity benefits? Are you concerned with heart health? You may wish for cognitive benefits or ways to boost natural energy levels. Research shows that cognitive and vascular health are the highest priorities for most adults (Revive Active, 2022), so these may be support areas to consider when choosing a multivitamin supplement.

Eilish McColgan, British & European record-holder and 3-time Olympian, is sitting on a running track next to a Zest Active box and full shaker.

For Athletes, immune health is vital. The immune system can be impaired shortly after periods of intense exercise. Athletes may want to pay particular attention to looking after their immune system, among other things. . An all-in-one supplement to support immune health, muscle function and energy levels may be attractive for an athlete.

You may benefit from a powdered all-in-one supplement for optimal nutrient delivery and avoid filler ingredients often found in tablet or capsule supplements.

Revive Active immunity supplement comparisons: choosing the right product

This section of the guide will help you choose which Revive immune booster is best for you. Revive Active, our original product, targets the immune system but contributes to a healthy heart and helps boost natural energy levels. Zest Active may be better tailored towards supporting the immune system. However, it also targets cognitive and muscle function and promotes energy-yielding metabolism.

We also have supplements for youngsters (Teen Revive and Junior Revive) that contain immune-supporting ingredients, live friendly bacteria, bone and brain-supporting nutrients, and no artificial colours or flavours. All our supplements are powdered for rapid absorbance and contain no added sugar; our adult range is sweetened with Stevia, while our teen and junior products use natural sweeteners.

The table below compares our immunity product lines to help you decide which is best.

Product Supports Immunity support Who for
Zest Active product image

Zest Active

Immunity, Energy, Cognitive Function, Muscle Function

Eight vitamins and minerals

Ages 18+ with an active, busy lifestyle. Suitable for Athletes.

Revive Active product image

Revive Active

Immunity, Heart Health, Energy

Eight vitamins and minerals

Ages 35+ with active lifestyles. For older adults looking to support vitality and healthy ageing.
Teen Revive product image

Teen Revive

Immunity, Bones, Brain, Heart

Nine vitamins and minerals

For ages 13-18. Support healthy adolescence and development.
Junior Revive product image

Junior Revive

Immunity, Bones, Brain, Heart

Nine vitamins and minerals

For ages 4-12. Supports healthy bone and brain development and immunity function.


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