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Marine collagen peptide supplements: choosing a formula


Marine collagen peptides, from the skin and scales of fish, is becoming increasingly popular as an ingredient in beauty supplements. This is because marine collagen is the most similar to human skin due to a high proportion of type I collagen fibres.

Collagen declines as we age, leading to a lack of skin hydration, firmness, and skin elasticity. Supplementing with marine collagen peptides may be a way to boost natural collagen levels.

Because of its popularity, marine collagen supplements are abundantly available, which can make choosing a supplement challenging. You will see many different formulations of marine collagen supplements from tablet or capsule forms to powder or even liquid collagen. You may have seen bone broth or collagen peptides mentioned on supplement labels, and it’s important to understand what you are paying for when you are buying a marine collagen supplement.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the different forms of collagen supplements, including, pills capsules, powder and liquid supplements. You will also come to learn about the importance of avoiding filler ingredients in your supplements.

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Marine collagen powder vs pills

The most common type of marine collagen supplements are powders and tablet formulas. Since these two types can vary greatly in price, it is important to make a fair judgement based on the quality of the supplement.





  • Convenient
  • Easy & fast digestion
  • High absorbance
  • High potency
  • Controllable dosage
  • Soluble
  • Easy to mix


  • Low dosage
  • Slow digestion
  • High in non-essential nutrients
  • Less convenient
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You may wish to choose tablets for their convenience; however, you will compromise on dosage, purity, the efficacy of absorbance and nutrient delivery. At the small cost of a having to mix powdered marine collagen peptides into water or a drink, you will benefit from high absorbance, purity, potency and efficient nutrient delivery.

Read more about marine collagen powder vs pills.

Hydrolysed marine collagen: what are the benefits?

It is common to see the terms “peptides”, “collagen hydrolysate” or “hydrolysed collagen” written on marine collagen supplement labels - these words all mean that collagen protein has been broken down into smaller, more digestible pieces. The benefit of smaller amino acid chains is that is takes only a matter of minutes for your powdered collagen supplement to reach the bloodstream. This process would take much longer for collagen protein supplements such as bone broth.

For its superior digestibility, collagen peptides are described as more bioavailable than protein forms. It was found that collagen peptide supplementation stimulates natural collagen formation in the body, resulting in improved skin hydration. Supplementing with marine collagen peptides may help to replenish the collagen that is lost with age. Read more about the benefits of hydrolysed marine collagen here.

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Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid have been found to stimulate natural collagen formation, so adding these ingredients to powdered marine collagen supplements may help to replace depleted collagen and support healthy skin.

Marine collagen supplements without fillers

As we have established, filler ingredients are disadvantageous in marine collagen supplements. They waste space in collagen tablets that already have notoriously low doses of collagen peptides. While, binders and casings can slow or even prevent the absorption and distribution of active ingredients to the skin. You can avoid filler ingredients by:

  • Choosing marine collagen powder supplements
  • Checking nutritional information for common filler ingredients
  • Checking marine collagen dosage, if it lower than 5000mg per serving, there may be filler ingredients present.

By simply avoiding fillers, you will be able to find a good value supplement with high absorbance, purity and potency for optimal results.

Marine collagen complex sachets

If you are looking for a potent, bioactive marine collagen supplement but you don’t want to compromise on convenience in your busy life, Beauty Complex might be the answer. Our powdered marine collagen peptide supplement contains 7000mg of Peptan Marine collagen peptides in each daily sachet. The supplement contains no fillers, binders, stimulants or artificial colourings so you can be sure that the supplement is delivering top quality ingredients efficiently to your skin.

Moreover, Beauty Complex contains additional ingredients which are known to support collagen synthesis and contribute to maintaining normal skin with age. Vitamin C is vital for natural collagen production, hyaluronic acid and phytoceramides may contribute to maintaining skin hydration and biotin is vital for the maintenance of normal hair and skin, Selenium is vital for the maintenance of normal hair and nails while copper supports normal skin and hair pigmentation. Some ingredients also fight oxidative damage in the skin, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium and copper.

By choosing a marine collagen complex supplement in powdered form, you are maximising the absorbance of nutrients. By mixing other active ingredients with marine collagen, you are supporting the skin, hair, and nails across multiple facets.


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