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Revive Active Certified by Informed-Sport
Giving Athletes Around the World Peace of Mind

Revive Active Super Food Supplement has gone through rigorous testing to become certified by Informed-Sport, who provide assurance to athletes around the world.

Informed-Sport certification demonstrates the highest level of commitment to quality assurance available to the sports supplement industry and Revive Active are honoured to have received the certification, offering assurance to all athletes wanting to naturally improve their energy, immunity and heart health.

Informed-Sport is the Global Gold Standard in sports nutrition quality control, which allows Revive Active its first opportunity to support the needs of professional athletes, giving them confidence in Revive Active for both training and competing.

The program certifies every batch of Revive Active Super Supplement, testing the product for banned substances by a world-class anti-doping laboratory. Each and every batch of certified product is screened for banned substances down to part-per-billion levels.

Additional post certification testing and blind independent testing is carried out to ensure the high standards are maintained.

The list of banned substances is identified by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), who update the list annually, therefore making the continuous testing carried out by Informed-Sport essential in re-assuring athletes. “WADA’s mission is to lead a collaborative worldwide movement for doping-free sport.”

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A Single Sachet to
Help You Perform
Certified by Informed Sport

Revive Active is a unique super supplement that delivers a wealth of benefits in one convenient daily sachet. It helps to improve your


Immune System




“Revive Active is now fully batch tested with Informed-Sport, so you can be rest assured knowing that everything is fully batched tested. Take Revive Active for peace of mind so you can go out there and concentrate on your performances. Good Luck!”

Paula Radcliffe,
World Record Holder of the Women's Marathon

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