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Antarctic Krill Oil

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Krill Oil Benefits

Antarctic Krill Oil contains essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA that your body can’t produce on its own, as well as phospholipids, Choline and the important carotenoid, astaxanthin that aren’t found in traditional fish oil. These components help support cognitive, cardiovascular, heart, joint health, and liver health.

Revive Active Antarctic Krill Oil was developed using  technology exclusive to Aker BioMarine called Flexitec.




Natural Source
Omega 3

Krill are oceanic omega-3 powerhouses. They are a tiny organism harvested from icy cold waters of the Antarctic. Omega-3s are essential fatty acids. “Essential” means your body can’t produce them on its own, so you have to ingest them from food or a supplement.

The EPA & DHA in Krill Oil is carried by phospholipids. This is the same type of fat our cells are made from, this makes them more easily absorbed by the body than the triglyceride form of Omega 3 found in fish oils. This means not only do you need less of it, one small capsule, but you also avoid the unpleasant after-taste or re-flux common with fish oils. Download Ingredients List

Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

Fish oil and krill oil both provide DHA and EPA. While fish oil also has high amounts of both essential omega-3s, there is an advantage to the DHA and EPA in krill. Whereas the omega-3s in fish oil are bound to triglycerides, in krill they are bound to phospholipids, making it easier for the intestines to absorb.

Krill oil has a shorter lifespan than most fish and is harvested in pristine Antarctic waters, minimizing its exposure to any oceanic pollution.


We are

with our supplier AkerBioMarine to providing the best quality Krill Oil that will benefit people and to operate in a manner that does not compromise the health of our planet and its oceans.

Minimal Impact

At an estimated 600 million tons, the biomass of krill is more than double the biomass of human beings. The harvesting practices of krill for human consumption are tightly regulated and have a minimal impact on total krill population and virtually no impact on their predators. Between 1990 and 2009, only approximately 1/10 of 1 million tons of krill was harvested. 6.6 million tons is the precautionary limit set for the harvesting of krill by the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. Krill fishing could increase nearly 50 times and there’d still be enough krill for humans and krill’s predators.

1% of overall
Stock Biomass

Compared to other fisheries where precautionary catch limits are set to 10% or more, the total allowable krill catch is limited to 1% of the stock biomass (~600,000 tons). Currently, the annual catch of ~200,000 tons per year from all krill fisheries is far below this margin

Krill Oil Research


The DHA in our Krill Oil contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function.

Omega 3

Since the omega-3 fatty acids are bound to phosphatidylcholine in Krill Oil, this implies that they may be taken up by the brain tissues more readily than triglyceride-bound omega-3 from fish oil.

Omega 3s

Krill oil provides omega-3s to support cardiovascular health.

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Customer Reviews


Can you take Krill Oil if you are allergic to shellfish?
No. Krill are crustaceans
Is Revive Active Krill Oil gluten free?
Can you take while on blood thinning medication?
No as Omega is contraindicated Who cannot take Revive Active Krill Oil? There are a few key contraindications such as during pregnancy, anybody with a shellfish allergy and those on anti-coagulant medication. Omega 3 whether it’s from fish or seed will naturally thin the blood and this is not advisable whilst taking blood thinning (anti-coagulant) medications. Always check with your GP if you are on prescribed medication, before taking any types of food supplements.
What kinds of conditions will Revive Active Krill help with?
Revive Active Krill Oil is 100% pure, sustainable, well absorbed form of Omega 3, which people take to supplement their diet. There have been many well documented studies on Omega 3 for conditions such are high cholesterol, arthritis, inflammation, improving blood pressure, memory and PMS.with blood thinning medications.
Is Krill Oil Koscher?
No, Krill Oil is not Kosher certified because Krill is a crustacean and in the same sort of category as pork.
Where is Revive Active Krill Oil harvested?
Revive Active Krill Oil is harvested in the pristine waters of the Antarctic and is thus free from mercury, heavy metals and other toxins.
Can people with Type 1 & Type Diabetes take Revive Active Krill Oil?
Absolutely, it is not just safe but also recommended.
Can Revive Active Krill Oil be taken during pregnancy and while nursing?
Yes it would be safe to take Revive Active Krill Oil during pregnancy and while nursing, however you should still contact your GP before you commence taking any dietary supplement.
Can you please explain the DHA amounts in your Revive Active Krill Oil?
In each 500mg capsule there is 27.5mg of DHA, however, the DHA can change batch to batch according to the time of year the Krill were harvested.
How do I know that Revive Active Supplements are safe?
Revive Active supplements are blends of natural vitamins and minerals from food, to make sure we are obtaining the nutrients we need everyday for healthy nutrition. If you have further questions, however, do not hesitate to contact us at Revive Active HQ.