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We all know that the modern busy lifestyle takes its toll on the human body regardless of whether its through work, exercise, stress or family life, but it’s as important for us to be mindful of our mental performance and cognitive function every bit as much as our physical health. Working in conjunction with the Brain Performance Nutrition Centre at University of Northumbria, our team of experts developed the Mastermind super supplement specifically for this reason.

As with all of our supplements we wanted Mastermind to be the best in its class and we are proud to say that this super supplement contributes to the following:

  • Normal mental performance

  • Normal cognitive function

  • The maintenance of normal brain function.

  • Normal function of the nervous system

  • Normal psychological function

Mastermind contains 11 individual active ingredients, including DHA powder, Uridine, Choline, Vitamins and Minerals. Mastermind contains no stimulants or plant extracts. It uses a natural flavouring (orange), a natural colour (beta carotene) and natural sweeteners (steviol glycosides – obtained from the stevia plant).

Omega 3 DHA

Each sachet of Mastermind contains 350mg of DHA. A daily intake of 250mg of DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function so with one sachet recommended per day, Mastermind packs a punch in this regard.

In line with our overall commitment to sustainability, we source our DHA from a sustainable Marine Algae which has the added benefit of being suitable for vegetarians.


Vitamin B12 2.5µg

Contributes to the normal function of the nervous system

Vitamin B5 6mg

Contributes to normal mental performance

Zinc 5mg

Contributes to normal cognitive function


As our body, and with it, our brain ages, it is more difficult for important nerve cells to protect themselves against highly reactive, rogue compounds called free radicals. Every cell in the body manufactures thousands of these unstable oxygen molecules every day. Left unchecked, free radicals damage cells (a process called oxidative stress), which can contribute to age-related degenerative diseases, including mental decline. Fortunately, the body has a natural defense system to protect itself against oxidative stress: antioxidants. These substances, which help shield the body from the destruction of free radicals, include well-known nutrients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, both of which are included in Mastermind.

Vitamin C  (80mg)  and Vitamin E  (12mg) contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

Mastermind is the perfect way to prepare for a busy day ahead. Whether that’s a long day at the office, a day of study or simply a day when you need to keep your wits about you, Mastermind is here to help.

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Impact of Mastermind

MASTERMIND works by delivering key nutrients including DHA, uridine & choline, which promote the development of synapses, focus & mental performance. The powdered sachet means absorption is quicker & with no binders or fillers. Fuel your brain for the day ahead with Mastermind.

Having assessed the Mastermind nutritional supplement it is evident that Mastermind is unique in it’s targeted approach to supporting cognitive function


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Customer Reviews


What is Mastermind by Revive Active?
Formulated in collaboration with Northumbria University – Brain Performance Nutrition Research Centre, Mastermind is the most comprehensive formulation contributing to normal brain, mental and cognitive function as well as to normal psychological function and to the normal function of the nervous system
Can I take Mastermind along with Revive Active?
Yes, you absolutely can. Mastermind and Revive Active were formulated to be the perfect complement and can be taken in the same glass giving you everything you need for both body and mind every day.
Can I take Mastermind with other Revive Active supplements?
Yes, we just recommend taking these at different times of the day. For examples, one in the morning and the other in the evening. This will allow the products to be absorbed more efficiently.
Why is there no EPA in Mastermind?
There is currently no vegetarian source of EPA available.
Is Mastermind suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, Mastermind is 100% suitable for vegetarians. The DHA, which normally comes from fish, is sourced from marine algae making Mastermind particularly unique.
Are there any allergy warnings for Mastermind?
Mastermind does contain MILK and SOYA.
How long should I take Mastermind for?
Studies have shown that Mastermind has its greatest effect following daily dosage for 3-6 months. Following this, we recommend a maintenance dosage of ~1 sachet every other day, or a similar dosage which yields the optimum effects for the individual.