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Revive Active

Healthy living starts from within

Why choose
Revive Active?

Nobody wants to feel exhausted or drained, whether it’s from running around after your family or keeping on top of your job. We at Revive Active know how hard it is to juggle everything in your life while remaining 100% healthy & energised. That’s why we created Revive Active, with the modern persons lifestyle in mind.

Revive Active offers sustained energy release throughout the day while also protecting your immune system and looking after your heart health. At Revive Active, we never compromise on quality and pride ourselves on producing the most comprehensive health food supplement for you. Our belief is to deliver long lasting health benefits to our customers. Enrich your life with Revive Active.

CoQ10 & D-Ribose
Energy Levels

CoQ10 is the powerhouse of Revive Active. CoQ10 decreases in the body as we age and this can lead to fatigue. Revive Active contains 150mg of CoQ10.

D-Ribose stimulates energy recovery & helps to beat fatigue. There is 3g of D-Ribose in Revive Active.

Vitamin B12 also helps reduce tiredness & fatigue and contributes to normal energy levels. The combination of B12, CoQ10 & D-Ribose means you will have long lasting, natural energy.

CoQ10 levels in  the body peak at 20 years of age and decline in the following years as shown below:
CoQ10 levels in the body:
  • 20 years of age –100%
  • 30 years of age – 85%
  • 40 years of age – 70%
  • 65 years of age – 50%



Immune System Support
Vitamin C & E

Vitamins C & E are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C also strengthens the immune system & helps the body heal faster.  Taken together, they also help keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

L-Arginine & Citruline
Heart health & blood flow

L-Arginine and Citrulline combine to help the body create Nitric Oxide which is important for heathy blood flow.

Nitric Oxide is a signalling molecule in the cardiovascular system that improves blood flow resulting in smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls.

Revive Active also contains Thiamine which supports normal cardiac function. Download Ingredients List

Key Ingredients

Vit K2 - 150ug D3-25ug
Vitamin K2 & D3

Work together to strengthen bones & improve heart health


Contributes to maintenance of normal skin


Contributes to normal hair & nails


Helps relieve inflammation


Supports normal cognitive function


Helps support immune function & gut health

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How do I take Revive Active?
Empty the contents of the sachet into a glass (preferably a pint glass or 0.5 litre). Add some water to about half the glass and stir the mix. If the water is chilled it will take longer to dissolve so water at room temperature is ideal for best results. It is also possible to add juices to personal preferred taste.
Is Revive Active health supplement suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans?
Yes Revive Active is suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.
Can Revive Active & Beauty Complex be take together?
Revive Active & Beauty Complex can be taken in the same day, however, we recommend taking them at different times of the day for optimum absorption. E.g. Revive Active in the morning & Beauty Complex in the afternoon.
Is Revive Active health supplement gluten free?
Revive Active Health Supplement is a unique and powerful blend of 26 active ingredient in a single daily sachet. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free, Revive active is the best source for increased natural sustained energy, improved immune system function and hearth health. Revive Active is also a great source of nutrients important to a healthy vegetarian diet including vitamin B12, vitamin D, amino acids and riboflavin, providing the RDA. These nutrients are often found in low quantities in vegetarian diets impairing optimal health. At Revive Active we believe in the science of nature in promoting healthy diets and lifestyles. So if you are looking for increased energy, an improved immune system and heart health with nutrients important to a healthy vegetarian diet, Revive Active is the perfect natural health supplement to keep vegetarians happier in both body and mind.
What time of the day do I take Revive Active?
We would recommend taking Revive Active in the morning.
Can I take Revive Active while on prescribed medications?
As with any nutritional supplement consult your doctor before use, especially if pregnant, lactating, have a known medical condition of any kind or are taking medication.
Can you take Revive Active when pregnant or breastfeeding?
We do not have any research carried out for this, therefore we would recommend discussing with your GP.
How long should I take Revive Active for?
We believe that you should try the product for at least 90 days and then see if you want to continue taking it. We have many customers who continue to take it every day because of the convenience of getting so many key nutrients in a single dose. Along with the convenience the product offers in a single daily dosage there are significant savings to be made by purchasing one product that has all you need rather than purchasing several of the ingredients separately. If you have a question not addressed above? We would like our customers to know that they can contact us via email at if they have any question that is not covered in our FAQ. We will reply directly with an answer to the question and add it to our list for future reference.