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Zest Active

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Zest Active

Roz Purcell is the new Zest Active brand ambassador. Zest Active promotes healthy energy, immune system, brain function & muscle function It’s the perfect supplement for busy & active young adults. 

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Zest Active is your everyday nutritional boost to support energy, immune support, brain function & muscle function. Containing no sugar, caffeine, binders, fillers or artificial colours or flavours, this refreshing orange vitamin supplement will provide you with you a natural boost every day and allow you to live your life, on your terms.

  • 25 active ingredients for energy, immune support, brain function & muscle function.

  • No sugar, caffeine, binders, fillers or artificial flavours or colours.

  • Unique formula that contains Wellmune, clinically proven to help increase vigour and mental clarity while reducing fatigue & tension.

Energy Levels

Energy Levels

Energy is key for leading a productive, busy lifestyle. Zest Active contains Taurine, Biotin & Vitamin B12 which work in synergy to improve metabolic function & energy production. These are the powerhouse of Zest & help with energy generation in the heart, muscles & nervous systems.
Vitamin B12 also aids in detoxification.


If you are a young professional like me, we are always on the go and our generation rely a lot on caffeine whereas Zest Active is caffeine freestimulant free and sugar free.


Immune Support 
& Recovery

Immune Support
& Recovery

The foundation of a healthy body is your immune system, protecting you from a range of bacteria & germs daily. Zest Active contains Wellmune by The Kerry Group which prepares the immune system to fight infection, reducing inflammation & improving recovery. Zest Active also contains L-Glutamine & L-Lysine which work to support the immune system & supply energy for muscle recovery.

Clinical research shows Wellmune helps increase vigor and mental clarity while reducing fatigue, tension, confusion and upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms in marathon runners.


Brain Support

Brain Support

To perform to your best, you want sharp mental clarity.

Choline aids in mental performance and memory while Vitamin D promotes cognitive function & mental clarity. Zest Active also contains 100mg of L-Theanine which can aid in mood & help reduce stress.


For me it’s an essential part of my daily routine….I love it!

Nutritional Information


  • Optimal doses of 14 vitamins & minerals to promote healthy wellbeing.

  • 5 trace minerals which work to improve energy generation, metabolism and recovery.

  • All natural formulation with no artificial flavours, colours, additives, sugar or caffeine.

  • Contains Wellmune by Kerry, clinically proven to promote a healthy immune system and promote recovery.

  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans & coeliacs.

Zest Active contains Taurine, Biotin & Vitamin B12 which work in synergy to improve metabolic function & energy production.
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Customer Reviews


What is the difference between Zest Active & Revive Active?
Zest Active has been specifically designed for 20-35 year olds, it contains ingredients for supporting busy lifestyles such as Taurine, Wellmune, Lysine & Glutamine. These ingredients are for every day performance. Revive Active was developed with over 36 year olds in mind, the key reason for this is the inclusion of ingredients such as CoQ10, which naturally depletes in the body as you age, and this really takes effect after 35 years old. Revive Active also supports heart health & circulation which is more important for over 35’s. The introduction of Zest Active represents a step in the right direction for Revive Active as we look to personalise nutrition for the user and not have one supplement for all age groups.
Who is Zest Active for?
Zest Active has been designed for 20-35 year olds who want to balance a busy lifestyle. Zest Active contains 25 active ingredients to help support a busy lifestyle.
What does Zest Active support?
Zest Active supports healthy natural energy, the immune system, brain function and muscle function.
Does Zest Active contain sugar, caffeine or anything artificial?
No, Zest Active does not contain sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, flavours or fillers or binders. Zest Active Is the natural alternative and contains only natural ingredients.
Do I need to take another multivitamin with Zest Active?
No Zest Active contains 25 active ingredients including 12 vitamins, 7 minerals and 3 amino acids to provide natural all in one support.
Can Zest Active be taken with other Revive Active products such as Beauty Complex & Joint Complex?
Yes this is no problem, we just recommend taking these at different times of the day eg. Zest Active in the morning and Beauty Complex in the evening.
Is Zest Active suitable for vegetarians & vegans?
Yes Zest Active is suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
Can Zest Active be taken with prescribed medications?
As with any nutritional supplement consult your doctor before use, especially if pregnant, lactating, have a known medical condition of any kind or are taking medication.
Can Zest Active be take while pregnant or breastfeeding?
We do not have any research carried out for this, therefore we would recommend discussing with your GP.
How do I take Zest Active?
Simply empty contents into a glass, shaker or water bottle with 300ml of water or your favourite juice and stir/shake to dissolve.