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How to boost energy levels without caffeine? | Finding the best stimulant-free energy supplement


Most brits turn to caffeine for a pick-me-up; in fact, on average, we drink 2 cups of coffee per day. Usually, we drink coffee with our breakfast at the beginning of the day. Drinking coffee early in the morning can lead to an energy dip later in the day, which is usually why most of us require a second cup.

Caffeine can improve cognitive performance, but with frequent use, caffeine intake has little to no benefit on performance or mood compared to non-caffeine drinkers due to caffeine withdrawal. As a result, many seek out caffeine-free alternatives to coffee and energy drinks but are energy supplements effective, worth it and which are the best ones to buy?

Here, we discuss ways to boost your energy levels through lifestyle and diet and why you may want to ditch the energy drink for an energy boosting super supplement. Finally, we explore what to look for in a supplement.

How to get an energy boost without the caffeine

Sleep – many are waking up to the impact of sleep on our energy levels and overall health. You may know that most adults need eight to ten hours of sleep each night to feel energised the following day. However, when you go to sleep also matters. Sleeping at 10 pm aligns our circadian rhythm to daylight better, positively impacting sleep quality and health.

Exercise – on the one hand, excessive exercise can induce fatigue; however, in sedentary individuals, physical activity effectively improves energy levels. Consider incorporating half an hour of moderate exercise three times a week for six weeks to improve your energy levels.

Get outdoors – Although the outdoors may not directly influence energy levels, exposure to fresh air and greenery daily may improve your mood and overall energy levels.

Eat healthily – Your diet significantly affects your daily energy levels. Underconsumption of nutrients can lead to excessive daytime fatigue, while overconsuming fatty, processed foods and being obese can reduce your energy levels. Make sure to consume a balanced diet, including whole foods, plenty of fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains, meats, and fats.

Manage stress and look after your mental health – We all deal with stress and mental health challenges; however, long-term stress is associated with fatigue. It is essential to manage stress and try and boost your mental health by engaging in hobbies, spending time with loved ones, getting regular exercise, or getting outdoors. Look for healthy ways to manage stress and improve mental health.

Take a vitamin supplement – we rely on many vitamins and minerals to maintain normal energy levels. You should strive for a balanced diet, but dietary supplements can help you meet daily nutrient requirements.

Caffeine energy drink vs stimulant free alternatives

Caffeine is widely consumed for its stimulating effect on the brain and nervous system. It rapidly affects the brain and body, increasing alertness and focus. However, the results can be short-lived and, more often than not, caffeine consumers feel more fatigued after the coffee or energy drink has worn off, leading to a dependency on the drink.

An energy drink often contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12 or B6; these are added to support normal energy-yielding metabolism, and for helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Caffeine-free energy supplements also use vitamins and minerals to support sustained energy levels without the disadvantages of dependencies, tolerances and energy crashes that comes with caffeine.

Here we summarise the benefits and disadvantages of a caffeinated drink vs caffeine-free alternatives:




  • Almost immediate effect
  • Usually potent


  • No energy crashes
  • Natural energy boost
  • No jitters
  • No sleep interference
  • The effect does not diminish with use
  • Potentially improved mental performance and focus
  • Vitamin boost
  • The effect can be slow
  • The effect may be less potent

Do caffeine-free energy supplements work?

Vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, vitamin D and manganese have all been confirmed to reduce tiredness and fatigue or maintain normal energy-yielding metabolism. To have the mental and physical energy for your busy day, you need an adequate amount of these daily vitamins. We also include amino acids taurine, l-theanine (also found in green tea), l-glutamine and l-lysine.

Here’s what our customers have to say about our caffeine-free energy supplements:

“Great vitamins, take them daily and it gives me extra energy.” – Jenny D.

“Been using Revive Active for about 4.5 yrs. Couldn’t do without, great energy booster!” – Leonie G.

“I have been taking Zest Active for the past few weeks and it is amazing. I feel so much more full of energy in the morning!” – Noel K.

“I wouldn’t be able to start my day without Zest Active. I have a new level of energy. As I’m a busy mam of 3 I have the energy I need for running around all day” – Shelly K.

Leonie G Customer Review Jenny D Customer Review Noel K Customer Review Shelly K Customer Review

How to choose the best vitamin supplement for energy

Firstly, look at the ingredient list; you will want to consider B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, and copper. Also, check dosages; there is no need to exceed your daily recommendation; look for supplements that easily meet your daily requirements for the above vitamins. You may also want to look for amino acids such as l-theanine, l-glutamine, l-arginine, taurine or l-lysine.

Then consider the formula you want. Tablets can be convenient, but dosages can be low; you will also encounter unnecessary fillers, binders and casings; instead, look for liquid formulas or, better yet, powders that can be mixed into water, smoothies or juices.

Try a powdered energy supplement from Revive Active. Our energy boost supplements have been scientifically formulated to effectively deliver the proper nutrients for energy, cognitive function, muscle function, and immunity. They also contain several essential amino acids and no added sugar.

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