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From athletes and media personalities to health and beauty experts, our Brand Ambassadors rely on Revive Active’s range of super supplements to help them achieve their very best each day. To hear their stories, click on the images below.  

Article Image - James Ryan

James Ryan

Professional rugby player James Ryan enjoys the benefits of Zest Active which help him stay healthy, active and performing at his best.

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Article Image - Nathalie Lennon

Nathalie Lennon

Health and fitness guru Nathalie Lennon combines Mastermind with Zest Active or Revive Active to get the most out of her day.

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Article Image - Greg O'Shea

Greg O'Shea

Revive Active Brand Ambassador, Irish Rugby Union player, radio host and reality
TV star Greg O’Shea rarely stops for a break.

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Article Image - Mairead Seoighe

Mairead Seoighe

Ladies Football champion and primary school teacher Mairead Seoighe takes Zest Active to help her stay fit and healthy.

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Article Image - Sharon


Meet Sharon from Cork.  Sharon is working full time as a schoolteacher and is busy mum to two boys.

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Article Image - Adrian Mullins

Adrian Mullins

Meet Adrian from Mullins Pharmacy. His pharmacy was the first in the country to stock Revive Active. 

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Article Image - Don


Meet Don from Galway.  Don is mindful about his health and as a result he runs four days a week to keep his body and mind fit and healthy. 

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Article Image - Peggy


Meet Peggy from Galway.  Peggy works full time, regularly takes a dip in the sea and takes Revive Active daily. 

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Article Image - Lisa


Lisa is a manager in a Boarding School in Kilkenny and her job requires high levels of concentration and energy. 

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Article Image - Aileen


Meet Aileen from Galway.  Aileen is a secondary school teacher who discovered Revive Active last year.  

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Article Image - Michelle and Lucy

Michelle and Lucy

Meet Michelle and her 7-year-old daughter Lucy from Galway.  

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