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Revive Active proudly announces Jeff Brazier as our newest Brand Ambassador

Jeff Brazier holding a Revive Active Supplement Box in his kitchen

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Jeff Brazier, a multifaceted personality known for his impactful contributions to mental health, well-being and broadcasting.

Jeff's extensive background as a mental health & well-being speaker, coaching & self-development speaker, TV presenter and radio broadcaster aligns seamlessly with our commitment to promoting holistic health.

As a mental health ambassador, in 2022 Jeff started running Walk & Talk sessions in his home county of Essex, called Grateful Strides, a growing walking and wellness community. The aim was to encourage people to engage in nature and discuss their concerns in a nurturing environment with likeminded individuals. These sessions have flourished into a vibrant community, with fortnightly walks gathering up to 90 walkers each time. Jeff intends to expand this initiative nationwide.

Throughout his distinguished television career, Jeff has anchored prominent programs such as Channel 5’s OK!TV, featured on ITV’s This Morning and Dancing On Ice. His ability to connect with audiences and address challenging topics makes him a perfect fit for our brand.

As a single parent to sons Bobby and Freddie, he devised the programme ‘Superdaddy’ aired on Living TV. Additionally, Jeff created and hosted the BBC3 documentary "My Brother and Me" based on his experiences.

Beyond the screen, Jeff is a renowned author, his first book – Grief Survival Guide was published in 2017. He is a life coach, and advocate for mental health awareness. His openness about personal struggles and grief has inspired many, reinforcing the importance of prioritising mental well-being.

Jeff, formerly a professional footballer with Leyton Orient FC, retired due to injury setbacks but remains active in football, frequently participating in charity matches.

Jeff Brazier's journey with Revive Active involves incorporating three key products into his daily routine:

Revive Active
Revive Active's comprehensive formula provides Jeff with 26 vital nutrients for sustained energy, strengthened immunity and promoting cardiovascular health. By nourishing his body comprehensively, it enhances Jeff's vitality, ensuring he thrives in his active lifestyle.
Revive Active Tropical sachet on kitchen counter with a chopping board, tropical fruits and green revive active sachet and drink

Joint Complex
Addressing the demands of Jeff's active and physical lifestyle, Joint Complex provides vital support for his joints, cartilage, bones and connective tissue while he is out cycling, walking, playing football or enjoying a round of golf.

Joint complex Weights

As a life coach and mental health advocate, Jeff recognises the significance of cognitive wellness. Mastermind is formulated to support your brain, mental performance and cognitive function, offering Jeff the clarity he requires to stay focused every day.
Mastermind in  a shaker in the kitchen

Jeff Brazier's commitment to good mental and physical well-being resonates with our vision for universal health. Together, we look forward to inspiring others to prioritise mental and physical wellness, making small yet impactful changes with the help of Revive Active’s range of supplements.

Welcome to the Revive Active community, Jeff Brazier!

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