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Supporting your immune system

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Supporting your immune system

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Revive Active

  • Energy

  • Heart

  • Immune System

Scientifically formulated with 26 active ingredients including the powerhouse nutrient CoQ10, you can rely on Revive Active for your daily energy and immune system boost.

Give each day everything you’ve got with our original and bestselling formula.

30 sachets per box
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Joint Complex

Benefit from enhanced joint health and help prevent joint discomfort.

30 sachets per box

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Zest Active

Perform at your best with Zest’s energy and immune support.

30 sachets per box

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Beauty Complex

Enjoy natural, effortless beauty from the inside out.

21 sachets per box

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Have confidence in your memory and cognitive function.

30 sachets per box

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Our Vision

We have a VISION to to see people getting the most out of life. To live healthier lives by giving their bodies and minds everything they need to be the best they can be every single day. Our MISSION is to change how people look after their health by making Revive Active the easiest and most innovative solution to support their bodies and minds. With a portfolio of products to suit everyone, Revive Active is made to enrich your life.

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Awards and Accolades

Trustpilot Reviews

“It helps set me up for the day with a clear positive frame of mind. I also find it really helps me maintain my focus and concentration a lot longer in my IT job!”

IT Manager

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“Definitely feel more alert since I started taking it.”

- Breda

“This is my sons third month, started before he went back to school. Im hoping it will build him up enough to prevent colds and illness”

- Marie Cassidy

“Within 7 days of starting taking the supplement have noticed a difference - especially in my knees”

- E. McElligott

“I need oil for my joints as they can get very painful so time will tell.”

- Mrs Catherine Kiely

Approved by Experts and Athletes

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