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Choosing the best immune supplement for seniors


Immune system health is particularly important in older adults since they are more susceptible to severe illness than younger adults and children, whose immune systems are much more robust. Many factors can impact the immune system in older adults; some are unavoidable. However, seniors tend to be less active than younger individuals and may not be meeting their nutrient requirements daily.

This is where vitamin supplementation can be helpful. A daily, all-in-one supplement for immune health could make it much easier to support immune health in older adults at a greater risk. In this article, we cover some of the reasons why the immune system is weaker in the elderly and some ways that you may be able to support immune system function. We also explore what to look for in an immunity supplement for seniors. Finally, we compare our immunity supplement product range to help you choose the best supplement for your needs.

What impacts the immune system as you get older?

Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies experience increasing oxidative stress and inflammation. The immune system becomes dysregulated to counteract this chronic stress on the body. The adaptive immune response is particularly affected, since some immune cell types involved in adaptive immunity – B, T cells and lymphocytes (white blood cell) are downregulated, meaning not as many are produced. With age, this suppression of the immune system is a well-documented phenomenon known as ‘immunosenescence’. On the flip side, innate immunity is not affected by age.

Immunosenescence is inevitable. However, certain factors can exacerbate it. Living a sedentary, indoor lifestyle and eating poorly can contribute to a diminished immune system. Stress and poor sleep can also negatively impact the immune response. Unfortunately, difficulty sleeping is common in older individuals.

How can you boost the immune system in old age?

Although it is unlikely for older adults to restore the same level of immune function they had in their youth, there are certain things to do which can help improve immune health.

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  • Healthy eating helps you to get the right vitamins and minerals and is essential for immune health. A strong immune system relies on many vital nutrients, including vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin D, selenium and vitamin B12. Include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources into your diet daily.
  • Get Active – a sedentary lifestyle can affect immune health; getting moderately active for 150 minutes per week could improve immune function. Most older adults do not get enough exercise into their lifestyle, so contact a health professional about getting active if your mobility is restricted.
  • Manage stress and get more sleep – high stress levels and poor sleep can negatively impact the immune system. If you struggle to sleep, as an older adult, you might find that managing your stress levels with exercise or mindfulness activities could help.
  • Get outdoors – sunshine is essential for that all-important vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for a strong immune system and a vitamin D deficiency is common in the UK; try exercising outdoors if possible. Additionally, getting some fresh air daily could improve your stress levels.
  • Try an immunity supplement – a nutritional supplement is a convenient way to ensure you get all the proper nutrients for the immune system daily. Many vitamin supplements are available, so choosing the best one for your needs is essential.
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What to look for in an immunity supplement for older adults

When choosing the best immune supplement for older adults, the ingredients are first considered. There are several vitamins and minerals that have been proven to contribute to healthy immune function, so it is essential to consume the following nutrients every day:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3 (vitamin D)
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Selenium
  • Copper

Dosing is also important; to ensure adequate daily nutrition, look for a nutritional supplement that provides higher percentages of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

The benefits of an all-in-one immune supplement for seniors

Older adults may want a complete, all-in-one supplement to make supporting immune health simple and convenient. With a multivitamin supplement, you can target multiple support areas at once. You can rest assured that dosage and ingredient combinations have been scientifically formulated to deliver the best and safest results.

DISCLAIMER: If you take any medication, please consult a healthcare professional before using a supplement to ensure it is safe to take with your medicine.

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Choosing a supplement formula is the next task. A powdered immunity supplement might be preferred for older adults. You can simply mix a powdered supplement into juice, water or smoothies to gain the benefits of your daily immune booster. Powdered supplements are also easier to digest and absorb than tablets or capsules, so they may be more effective at delivering nutrients to the body.

Choosing the right immune supplement

Here at Revive Active, we have several product lines that help support a healthy immune system. Zest Active is designed for busy and active adults (18+) who may need an immune boost. This supplement contains eight vitamins and minerals required for healthy immune system function. We also include l-theanine and l-glutamine. Zest Active supports normal energy-yielding metabolism, cognitive and muscle function, and immune support.

Zest Active product photo with an orange background and illustrated oranges. The product label indicates the key ingredients and support areas of Zest Active

On the other hand, Revive Active is designed to support healthy ageing. It supports the immune system with eight vitamins and minerals. As well as immune support, Revive Active promotes heart health and normal energy levels, which may be preferable for older adults. This supplement is specifically designed for adults over the age of 35.

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Revive Active – Original Revive Active – Original
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