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Are cognitive supplements worth it for seniors? | Which supplements to choose


Older adults are most affected by cognitive decline. However, we found that senior age groups prioritised another health condition - joint and bone health - over brain health (Revive Active, 2022). Cognitive decline can contribute towards memory loss, brain fog, a lack of mental clarity and brain power, making your usual healthy habits even harder to maintain.

In this article, we discuss why your cognitive function gets worse with age and what you can do to offset these factors. We also look at supplements and whether they are worth it for older adults. Then we discuss which supplements are the best choice for you.

Why does cognitive health decline as you get older?

There are several reasons why cognitive abilities decline in your later years, but the main factors are the result of stress, a poor diet, toxins, and oxidative stress.

  • Stress hormones – glucocorticoids (cortisol is an example) are correlated with impaired cognitive function. Each stressful event releases these hormones and over time the brain gets damaged.
  • Oxidative stress – free radials, generated from metabolism, can build up and cause damage to brain cell structures. Oxidative stress in the brain is linked to decreased executive function.
  • Toxins – alcohol is the most common toxin that can affect brain function. In fact, life-long drinking has a significant impact on memory.
  • Lacking nutrients – As we age, we are less capable of absorbing nutrients from food. Many older asults also have reduced appetite, making it harder to meet nutrient requirements.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – often, older adults become less mobile, due to impaired joint and bone health or fatigue, However, aerobic exercise is protective against cognitive decline.
An older man sitting on the sofa, reading his grandson a book.

What can older adults do to improve brain function?

Thankfully, there are things that older adults can do for their brain health. We outline these below:

  • Exercise regularly – low to moderate aerobic exercise is effective at preventing the loss of brain cells as we age. Exercising outdoors can also be a great way to boost your mental health and vitamin D intake for immunity.
  • Socialise - chatting with family, friends or neighbours is a great way to positively stimulate your brain. Swap the TV with walks with friends, community gatherings or group exercise sessions.
  • Get enough sleep – many older adults struggle to get enough sleep which can impair memory consolidation. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol and increase physical activity to improve your sleep.
  • Diet – There is evidence that the Mediterranean diet can help protect against cognitive decline due to high polyunsaturated fats, fish, omega 3 and fresh produce.
  • Consider a dietary supplement – it can be hard to optimise your nutrition. A vitamin supplement can help boost your intake, this can be particularly beneficial if nutrient absorption is impaired.

Are brain supplements worth it for seniors?

It can be difficult to navigate the brain health supplements market. Many cognitive supplements contain herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, caffeine or amino acids; how can you determine which supplements are effective?

Since older adults struggle with nutrient availability, a daily multivitamin supplement might be a good start to combat low vitamin levels. Next consider amino acids and other ingredients. Avoid caffeine supplements so you can optimise your sleep.

A happy older couple doing some outdoor exercise together.

Which vitamins should I take for brain health?

It has been well documented that the following nutrients help to maintain cognitive agility, mental performance and psychological function. The following ingredients benefit general brain health, including cognitive function, mental performance and brain health.

  • Zinc (cognitive function)
  • Vitamin B5 (mental performance)
  • DHA (brain health)

The following nutrients are best for supporting psychological function.

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B1
  • Folate/ folic acid (vitamin B9)
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium

When looking for the best brain health supplement look for a multi-nutrient blend of B vitamins , vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D; these can help protect cells from oxidative stress. Also look for amino acids such as glutamine, choline, taurine or l-theanine.

Choosing the best brain supplement for older adults

To make a dietary supplement worth your while, you should consider the ingredient combination, formula, quality and overall health benefits.

For the best brain health benefits choose Mastermind. This supplement contains DHA, choline and uridine, vitamin b5, B6, B12, folic acid (vitamin B9), zinc, vitamins C, D and E. The powdered supplement is formulated for easy digestion and absorption so is ideal for older adults who may struggle with digestion.

Alternatively, if you want various health benefits, choose Zest Active, this supplement contains all eight B vitamins, choline, magnesium, zinc, vitamins C and D and amino acids such as taurine and l-theanine. Zest Active is also a powdered formula which supports energy levels, cognitive function, muscle function and immunity. This multi-benefit supplement could be preferred for targeting more than one health concern.

On the right of the banner is an athlete sitting on a track with Zest Active beside her. On the left are the benefits of Zest Active.

Finally, menopausal women should choose Meno Active for its brain, hormone, nervous health and energy benefits. This supplement is ideal for older women who struggle to absorb adequate nutrition; it contains digestive enzymes and live-friendly bacteria. This supplement also contains a B vitamin complex, vitamin C, D, E and K, magnesium, zinc and more. Meno Active comes in a dual format with one daily capsule and one daily sachet to be dissolved into water.

We design all our dietary supplements to be super-digestible and our ingredients to be highly bioavailable, this way, you get the most out of your supplement.

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