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Choosing marine collagen supplements for improving the hair


Collagen is an animal protein usually taken from cows (bovine), pigs (porcine), chickens (poultry) and fish (marine). As we age, damage can occur to our cells, including those found in hair follicles. Collagen production also begins to decline in the body; leading to loss in elasticity that may impact the appearance of the hair. Collagen beauty supplements are commonly taken due to their benefits in increasing collagen production in the body.

Marine collagen may help to assist with the impact of reduced collagen production associated with ageing, such as the impacts on the hair. Marine collagen supplements can provide an ideal supplement option for pescatarians in particular. Due to the growing popularity of marine collagen supplements, choosing a product can be a daunting task. Here, we advise you on what to look for when choosing a marine collagen supplement to support the hair.

How can collagen impact the hair?

The elasticity of our skin and the strength in our bones, muscles, hair and nails are provided by a naturally occurring protein called collagen. Collagen also provides water retention in the dermis (the middle layer of skin), and the skin of the scalp needs collagen in the same way the rest of the skin on the body does. The dermis is the layer that also contains hair follicles. When you ingest marine collagen, the protein is broken down by amino acids within your blood. Marine collagen peptides can be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream, and this process is believed to cause an increase in collagen production. Marine collagen supplementation may therefore help to assist with the impacts of reduced collagen production associated with ageing, such as the impacts on the hair.

A study on a small group of women found that collagen supplementation showed a 31% increase in hair thickening compared to the placebo group.

How does marine collagen compare to other types of collagen?

There are many types of collagen, and it has been postulated that they might benefit different tissues in the body. Type I and III collagen are the most abundant types, and they are used the most often in skin, hair and nails supplements.

In comparison to bovine collagen, which is derived from cows, marine collagen contains a large proportion of Type I collagen. As a Type I collagen protein, marine collagen supplements may be more bioavailable for the skin. Marine collagen peptides are more effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. This means it might be a better choice for addressing hair, skin and nail concerns.

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What to look for in marine collagen supplements for the hair

Marine collagen is one of the most popular types of collagen when it comes to supplements for the hair. However, the benefits of taking marine collagen supplements can potentially be maximised by combining it with other ingredients such as biotin, hyaluronic acid, phytoceramides, vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients to look for

The following ingredients may help to maximise the benefits of taking marine collagen supplements for the hair:

  • Biotin is a vitamin (B7) found in small quantities in food. It contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.

  • Selenium is a mineral which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails, and taking selenium may help to support the hair.

  • Copper is a mineral which makes up melanin - the pigment found in skin and hair. It can contribute to normal hair pigmentation.

  • Vitamin C is often taken with collagen as the vitamin boosts natural collagen production in the body, possibly resulting in greater benefits from collagen supplementation.

Beauty Complex features a distinctive combination of hydrolysed marine collagen peptides, phytoceramides, biotin, hyaluronic acid and free-radical fighting antioxidants including vitamins c and e, selenium and copper.

Choosing powdered supplements over pills

The powdered peptide formula allows for higher dosages and more effective absorption in the body. Additionally, the lack of fillers in most powdered supplements means there is more space for beneficial nutrients – the result is a more potent formula compared to non-powdered supplements.

Beauty Complex uses the highest quality marine collagen peptides portioned into individual, high-dosage powder sachets. This supplement is also lightly flavoured with pineapple and orange, making for a delicious and nutrient-packed drink which is free of additives, preservatives, caffeine and is suitable for coeliacs and diabetics.

Powdered supplements, such as Revive Active’s Beauty Complex, are often more natural in that they are free from binders, fillers and synthetics.

Common queries

Where does marine collagen come from?

Marine collagen is usually taken from the skin and scales of cod. Marine collagen can be sourced from wild-caught fish or farmed fish. Read about choosing natural marine collagen supplements here.

How long does it take for marine collagen to work?

We recommend that Beauty Complex is taken for at least 9 weeks to see benefits from the supplementation. Marine collagen is suitable for long-term supplementation.

Is it worth taking marine collagen?

If you want to support your body’s collagen production and are interested in improving the appearance of your hair, nails and skin – we recommend taking marine collagen. It is recommended to take collagen supplements from the age of 30, which is when collagen production starts to decline.