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Multivitamin to fight against tiredness and fatigue in men | Caffeine-free energy supplements.


Low energy levels in men can occur at any stage of adult life, as a result of a variety or factors. Fatigue can impact performance at work or in your sport. It can also manifest as withdrawal from your hobbies and family life. Fatigue will eventually impact your quality of life and may impact your loved ones too.

It’s important to consider your overall health when trying to address concerns of fatigue, since tiredness can be a consequence of unhealthy habits or an underlying health condition. Here, we explore what could be causing your tiredness and how you can boost your energy levels. We then discuss the key vitamins to consider for optimal energy in men and how to choose the best supplement for your needs.

If you are concerned about fatigue, speak to a healthcare provider for more information.

What can cause tiredness in men?

Fatigue in men is relatively common and can have an impact on your career, hobbies and family life. Understanding the possible causes of fatigue in men is essential for adjusting your lifestyle to improve energy levels. The following discusses the most significant reasons why you may be consistently tired.

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Inadequate sleep

Proper sleep is essential for managing daytime fatigue. Most adult men need eight hours of sleep per night and having consistently less than this can lead to sleep deprivation and fatigue. In fact, only 64% of men sleep more than 7 hours per night. A potentially significant portion of adults are not getting adequate sleep.


Long-term stress is associated with fatigue in men. However, stress is usually a result of external factors. Family disputes, social/financial status and poor perception of health were associated with higher stress levels and fatigue. Unhealthy coping mechanisms were also linked with stress in men.

Diet and nutrition

Getting the proper nutrients daily is essential for optimal energy levels. Research has associated vitamin and mineral deficiency with fatigue. Particular attention is given to B vitamins, magnesium, niacin and pantothenic acid for improving energy levels. If your diet is limited, you may not be getting adequate nutrition.


Exercise in sedentary individuals is an effective approach for reducing tiredness and fatigue. However, individuals who spend significant time exercising may experience fatigue as a result of over training and central nervous system fatigue.

Low testosterone

Reports of fatigue in men was significantly (97% confidence) associated with low testosterone levels. In fact, serum testosterone levels were an idependent predictor of fatigue and activity levels. Men should ensure they get enough Zinc in their diet. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels.

How can men reduce fatigue?

  • Improve sleep – sleep at least eight hours per night and aim to sleep and wake up at a similar time every day.
  • Eat healthier – include a variety of foods such as red meat, fatty fish, beans, legumes, leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Include sources of zinc to help maintain normal testosterone levels. Finally, balance carbohydrate, fat and protein to avoid blood sugar and energy crashes.
  • Reduce stress where possible aim for a healthy work-life balance and use tools such as exercise and socialising to manage stress instead of unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • Exercise – sedentary individuals should include regular, low to moderate exercise into your routine. Try this for 6 weeks and see if your energy levels improve.
  • Rest – Overworking or overtraining can lead to burnout and fatigue. Athletes or fitness enthusiasts may need to take an additional 1-2 days of rest per week to recover from regular, intense exercise.

Which vitamins should men take for boosting energy?

Tiredness can often be related to inadequate nutrition. Consider the following vitamins and minerals for improving your energy levels throughout the day.

Vitamin B complex

The eight B vitamins are Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12. Each B vitamin plays a role in normal energy levels or the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the most common B vitamin deficiency, especially in vegans, since B12 is almost exclusively found in animals.

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This essential mineral contributes to maintaining serum testosterone levels. Men experiencing fatigue may want to consider a zinc supplement because low testosterone is a strong predictor of fatigue in men.

Other vitamins and minerals

Magnesium and vitamin C both contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, while Manganese and copper help to maintain normal energy-yielding metabolism. Vitamin D is essential for muscle function. Finally, selenium is essential for maintaining normal thyroid function and for the production and development of Sperm.

Choosing an energy supplement for men?

Finding the best caffeine-free supplement ultimately comes down to ingredients, formula preference and convenience; individuals struggling with fatigue may want the most convenient supplement.

Zest Active powdered supplements contain 25 Active ingredients to support normal energy levels, cognitive function, immunity and muscle function. It contains all eight B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C. Zest Active also contains l-theanine (found in green tea), taurine, l-lysine and l-glutamine. This supplement is ideal for young, active adults looking for a daily energy boost without the caffeine.

Alternatively, our namesake supplement, Revive Active, contains 26 ingredients to support energy, immunity and heart health. We designed this supplement for older adults looking to put back what life takes out. Finally, our liquid Coenzyme Q10 capsules are a discreet and convenient way to support cellular energy daily.

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