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Revive Active product comparison | Which is the best super supplement for immunity?


For many people, looking after their immune health has recently become a higher priority. To support the immune system, it is vital to provide the body with enough of the proper nutrients every day. The immune system is a complex mechanism involving many different components, relying on essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc. A healthy balanced diet can provide all the required nutrients; however, a supplement formulated to support the immune system may be a preferable option for some individuals.

Many dietary supplements are marketed as immune boosters but choosing the right one can be difficult. Even here at Revive, we have several products that can support your immune system. Each supplement is designed to act slightly differently, so choosing the right supplement to suit your needs and lifestyle is essential. In this article, we compare Revive Active supplements to help you decide which supplement is best for you and your immune system.

The benefits of Revive Active’s immunity supplements

We have four supplement lines that can support the normal function of the immune system for all ages: Revive Active, Zest Active, Junior Active and Teen Active. All our supplements are scientifically formulated to effectively deliver nutrients to the body in a powdered format. Each Revive daily sachet also contains carefully dosed ingredients, taking the guesswork out of health supplements. The benefits of each supplement are discussed below.

Revive Active

This supplement contains eight ingredients known to support the immune system: vitamin C, B6, B12, Zinc folate, copper, selenium, and vitamin D3. Revive Active is formulated to support the immune and circulatory systems and support cellular energy.

Zest Active

This Revive Active health food supplement is specifically formulated to support normal immune function. Zest Active also contains vitamin C, D, B6, Zinc folate, copper, selenium and vitamin B12.

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Junior Revive

This formulation contains nine active ingredients known to support the immune system, including those mentioned above, in addition to vitamin A. Junior Revive is designed to support the developing bones, brain and strongcirculatory system of children aged four to twelve and is dosed accordingly. Junior Revive contains essential nutrients and live-friendly bacteria; it has no artificial colours or flavourings.

Teen Revive

Teen Revive supports the development of normal bones, the immune system, circulatory system, and brain in teenagers between 13 and 18 with vitamins, minerals and live friendly bacteria. It is formulated to contain the right amount of nutrients for teenagers and is also free from artificial colourants and flavourings.

Which Revive Active supplement is best for you?

Each of the above supplements has been formulated to support a selection of functions, the overarching one being the immune system. This section will help you decide which of Revive’s vitamin supplements is best suited to you.

Junior Revive and Teen Revive are the only suitable supplement options for children and teenagers, respectively. This is because they have been carefully dosed to contain just enough of each ingredient to suit a younger person. Additionally, they are free from artificial flavourings and colourings and contain good bacteria for supporting gut health in youngsters.

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Zest Active vs Revive Active

Our original product line, Revive Active has many benefits for the immune system, circulatory system, and energy levels. It contains 26 active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, l-arginine and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). On the other hand, Zest Active includes 25 active ingredients to support the immune system, normal energy yielding metabolism, muscle and cognitive function. This supplement contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We compare Revive Active and Zest Active in the table below.

Revive Active

Zest Active

Number of active ingredients

26 25


Heart, Energy levels, Immune System

Immune System, Energy levels, Brain, and Muscle Function

Immunity ingredients

Eight vitamins and minerals

Eight vitamins and minerals


Original or tropical

Zesty orange

Best suited for ages…

35+ 18+
Best for Active adults looking for longevity benefits Active adults looking to support their busy, active lifestyle

Which Revive Active health food supplement is the best for the immune system?

The bottom line is that choosing Zest Active would be a no-brainer if you are specifically looking for an immune health supplement. Also, Zest Active is a great way to get every morning off to a great start if you have a busy, active lifestyle.

However, if you are an adult looking for longevity benefits from your supplement, including heart health benefits, you may want to choose to Revive Active. This supplement is also offered in two delicious flavours – original and tropical.

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