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Type 1 vs type 2 collagen | The key differences between each type of supplement


Collagen is one of the most popular ingredients discussed in the health and beauty industry today. While all the different types of collagen are beneficial in their own way, some are better-suited to certain needs than others.

Here, we talk about the difference between type 1 and type 2 collagen, and their key uses.

What happens to collagen as we age?

As we age, our collagen production slows down, which means we are losing the building blocks our skin, hair, and nails need to look healthy.

This is a natural part of the ageing process, but it doesn't have to mean the end of youthful skin, hair and nails. The key is to make sure you are getting enough nutrients in your diet to support your body's natural collagen production. Collagen supplements are also an easy way to boost the amount of collagen in your system so that you can maintain that youthful glow for years to come.

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How do collagen supplements work, and what are their potential benefits?

Collagen supplements work by providing your body with easily-accessible and easily-absorbed collagen. The collagen in these supplements is generally hydrolysed to make it easier for your body to consume it. They may be able to help with the following beauty benefits:

Stronger, healthier looking hair

Marine collagen may also help with creating stronger, healthier looking hair, and marine collagen supplements can provide an ideal supplement option for pescatarians in particular. Collagen provides water retention in the dermis (the middle layer of skin), and the skin of the scalp needs collagen in the same way the rest of the skin on the body does. Marine collagen peptides can be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream, and this process is believed to cause an increase in collagen production. Marine collagen supplementation may therefore help to assist with the impacts of reduced collagen production associated with ageing, such as the impacts on the hair.

They can support the skin

The elasticity of our skin is provided by collagen. So, if you're noticing droopier eyelids or deeper laugh lines, collagen might be just what you need to give yourself a little lift.

Stronger nails

Collagen is a major component of keratin, which makes up most of your nail structure. Collagen can contribute towards nail strength, so incorporating more collagen into your diet may help keep your nails strong and healthy.

What are the key differences between type 1 and type 2 collagen supplements?

The key difference between both types of collagen supplements comes down to what you're looking to improve with collagen. If you're looking to improve things like your skin and hair, type 1 might be the way to go.


Type 1

Type 2


It is the most abundant of all collagens

The third most abundant collagen present in the human body


Type 1 collagen makes up 90 per cent of all collagen in the body

Type 2 collagen is only found in cartilage and contributes to its elasticity and strength

Fibrils diameter

Type 1 collagen fibrils have a diameter of at least 50 nanometers (nm) and are larger than type 2 fibrils

Type 2 collagen fibrils are smaller than type 1 fibrils. The small size allows them to pack tightly together to give cartilage its strength

Key benefits

May be able to reduce signs of ageing and improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails

Is often used to speed up muscle recovery

Gene type




Can be consumed orally, as a powder or liquid

Can be consumed orally, as a powder or liquid

Benefits of type 1 hydrolysed collagen supplements

Type 1 hydrolysed supplements, such as Beauty Complex marine collagen supplements, are often used to improve hair, skin and nails. Additionally, you get all the benefits listed above with none of the side effects typically associated with other types of collagen supplements.

Taking marine collagen powder

Marine collagen is a type 1 collagen protein, which means it's more easily digestible than options such as bovine collagen. Because of its bioavailability and high concentration of amino acids, it is absorbed into your bloodstream much faster than any other form of collagen peptides. Also, since it's in powder form, you can easily take it by mixing it into a cold beverage or adding it to your favourite smoothie recipe!

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That said, you should consider a few things before incorporating marine collagen powder into your diet. The main thing to keep in mind is whether it's appropriate for you. We don't recommend marine collagen for anyone who has a seafood or fish allergy.

Revive Active's Beauty Complex

Beauty Complex is a powdered supplement that helps support your skin, hair, and nails from the inside out. It contains marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to help support your skin's moisture phytoceramides to help support the skin’s barrier function and biotin to contribute towards the maintenance of normal hair.

With a light orange-pineapple flavour, it's easy to add this powdered supplement to your daily routine. Just add a sachet of the powder into a glass of water, juice or a smoothie, preferably after food. It is recommended to take Beauty Complex once a day for maximum effect.

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Common Queries

At what age should you start taking collagen?

We recommend taking collagen supplements from the age of 30. That way, you can help your body maintain its collagen levels and prevent premature ageing. However, collagen supplements are suitable for anyone age 18+.

Why would you opt for hydrolysed rather than any other type of collagen?

Hydrolysed collagen is a broken-down version of regular collagen that's easier to digest. This means your body will be able to absorb and use it more efficiently, helping you get the maximum benefit from your collagen supplements.

How much collagen should you take per day?

The answer depends on your age, dietary habits, and overall health. One sachet per day of our Beauty Complex supplement is ideal.

Which type of collagen is right for you?

If you want to improve your hair, skin, and nails, type 1 collagen is the best for you.

Our premium-quality Beauty Complex collagen powder is packed with the essential nutrients your skin, joints, hair and nails need to flourish.

Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of our beauty products!

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