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Marine collagen powder vs pills | Choosing the right supplement for you


Collagen is the protein that maintains skin elasticity. Marine collagen peptides, isolated from the skin and scales of fish, is the most bioavailable type of collagen due to its high proportion of type I collagen fibres. Collagen production reduces as we age past 30, and collagen supplementation is commonly used to increase natural collagen levels.

Choosing the right collagen supplement from a crowded market can be a daunting task. Firstly, you will need to decide which format of supplement best suits your goals, budget and lifestyle. Marine collagen supplements can sit at varying price points, depending on the format. Also, depending on your priorities, you may want to look for certain qualities such as convenience or purity.

As a result of the growing number of options for marine collagen supplement formulations, this guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of both tablet and powder supplements.

Collagen powder and pills on pink background

Marine collagen pills

One common supplement option is marine collagen pills or capsules. These types of supplements deserve praise for practicality; it is convenient to be able to simply swallow collagen pills.

Marine collagen capsules or pills are not the best choice when it comes to supplement quality. Due to the nature of tablets being small enough to swallow, they typically contain very small doses of marine collagen. Most tablets also do not contain more than a few grams of collagen peptides in one or even multiple tablets. You may have to swallow many tablets (based on the average marine collagen tablet) to reach an equivalent dose of marine collagen found in a powder supplement. The low dosages even make tablets less cost-effective.

Collagen tablets come with another major downside; often, the majority of the ingredients in the tablet are fillers and stabilisers (casings in collagen capsules), rather than active ingredients. At best, fillers are wasting valuable space in the collagen pill; but at worst, fillers and capsule casings may reduce the absorption of the small amount of marine collagen peptides that tablets do contain.

Marine collagen powder

The biggest benefit to using marine collagen powder supplements is that doses tend to be astronomically higher than their tablet counterparts. As a result, these supplements can be more potent, and the cosmetic effects may be greater.

Unlike tablets, powdered marine collagen supplements do not need to contain fillers and the powder format makes the supplement much easier to absorb. Higher absorbance may improve the outcomes from taking marine collagen supplements. Also, for higher supplement efficacy look for a marine collagen peptide product.

Many people may see the benefit in being able to control their own dosage of marine collagen using a powdered supplement; you can use as much or as little as you desire to achieve your beauty goals, while adhering to your budget.


Marine collagen pills and capsules

Marine collagen powder


  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Controlled dose
  • High dose
  • No fillers or binders
  • More effective absorbance
  • Controllable dose


  • Often a lower dose
  • Contains fillers and binders
  • Poorer absorbance
  • Some people may not like swallowing pills


What are marine collagen powder sachets?

One way to avoid compromise with marine collagen supplements is to use powder sachets. This way you can gain the benefits of powdered marine collagen supplements, while having the convenience usually owed to tablet supplements.

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Beauty Complex sachets

Beauty Complex sachets are a complete, powdered marine collagen supplement, designed for optimal nutrient absorbance and convenience, while tasting delicious. Beauty complex also contains a number of additional ingredients to help support the normal function of the skin, hair and nails.

Here are some of the reasons to choose Beauty Complex sachets:

  • They are individually portioned for convenience.
  • They are self-contained and lightweight: suitable for travelling.
  • They contain a high dosage marine collagen : 7,000mg of Peptan Marine.
  • The ingredients are more effectively absorbed as a powdered supplement.
  • It is nutritious: added biotin, hyaluronic acid, phytoceramides, vitamins and minerals which support the normal function of the skin, hair and nails.
  • It is delicious: sugar-free orange and pineapple flavour is suitable for diabetics, coeliacs and people on a ketogenic diet.

Choosing marine collagen powder or pills

Whether you choose to buy marine collagen capsule, pill or powder supplement will depend on your lifestyle and your priorities. Pills can sometimes be more convenient but when the low dosage and filler ingredients are taken into consideration marine collagen tablets maybe less efficient.

Powdered marine collagen supplements tend to be more potent as a result of higher doses, without filler ingredients. The greater inconvenience of powdered supplements has inspired Beauty Complex – a high quality, powdered marine collagen supplement packaged into individual, daily sachets, to be mixed into water or juice.

This multi-nutrient, marine collagen supplement also provides added benefits from vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support the normal function of the hair skin and nails, which may help to address some cosmetic signs of ageing.

Common queries

Why does Beauty Complex include vitamin C and hyaluronic acid?

Vitamin C can boost natural collagen synthesis in the body while hyaluronic acid is known to contribute towards skin plumpness and hydration, giving the appearance of younger-looking skin.

Is marine collagen or bovine collagen better?

Marine collagen might be preferred over bovine collagen for cosmetic purposes as it is the most similar to the collagen that is found in human skin. However, bovine collagen might be a cheaper alternative to marine collagen.

Are marine collagen peptides the best option?

Marine collagen peptides (also called collagen hydrolysate or hydrolysed collagen) are just smaller amino acid chains from collagen, which may be more bioavailable and more quickly absorbed into the blood vessels than larger collagen proteins.

When is the best time to take marine collagen?

We recommend that you mix Beauty Complex into a glass of water or juice and drink this after eating food; this can be taken at any time of the day.


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