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Marine collagen vs vegan collagen supplements | What do vegan collagen supplements contain?


Collagen supplements have become increasingly popular in the beauty and wellness world, with marine collagen being one of the most popular types of collagen used for beauty benefits. While marine collagen is an animal-based product, there are also vegan collagen supplements available for those who follow a plant-based diet and wish to boost their collagen levels. Each type of collagen supplement has its own unique benefits.

Read on to find out what vegan collagen is and what it might be made from, as well as what marine collagen is and its unique benefits. We also explain the key differences between marine and vegan collagen supplements.

What is collagen, and why do people take it as a supplement?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the human body - it causes our skin to appear more supple and helps hair and nails to remain in good condition. The ageing process causes collagen production to reduce, causing more brittle, dry and dull hair and nails, as well as notable signs of ageing on the skin.

Taking collagen supplements can help to boost the natural production of collagen, which becomes even more important as you age. This may then improve the appearance of the hair and skin, as the collagen levels in your body are increased.

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What is vegan collagen, and what is it made from?

Vegan collagen supplements are sometimes derived from modified yeast and bacteria, notably bacteria P. pastoris. However, these supplements are hard to get hold of, with many still being in production. As genetically modified vegan collagen isn’t quite on the market yet, a lot of vegan collagen products are known as collagen ‘boosters’. Though you can’t get collagen from plants – some ingredients found in plants can help to boost collagen levels.

Vegan supplements often also contain vitamin C, which contains antioxidant properties to fight free radicals and helps stimulate collagen production. Other ingredients commonly used in vegan collagen boosters include coriander, ginseng, silica and zinc.

What are some of the benefits of vegan collagen supplements?

Vegan collagen supplements can be very beneficial to those on a plant-based diet, or those who cannot take animal-derived collagen supplements for other dietary or ethical reasons. Some research suggests that ingredients such as aloe vera may reduce the visible signs of ageing, and silica may potentially prevent thin hair and brittle nails.

What is marine collagen and what are the key benefits of taking it as a supplement?

Marine collagen derives from aquatic animals such as fish. The collagen comes from their skin, bones and scales. It is often found in skincare products or beauty supplements. When you ingest marine collagen, the protein is broken down by amino acids within your blood. The fact that it can be quickly digested and absorbed easily by the body is a key reason behind its popularity.

Research suggests that marine collagen may help to improve the visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and dull skin, as well as easing wrinkles overall. This is due to the plumping qualities of collagen, as well as its moisturising properties. Some studies also suggest that marine collagen peptides may also be useful for stronger hair and nails. Though marine collagen’s key uses are in its beauty benefits – some research has shown that marine collagen may also potentially be able to improve gut health, and strengthen bones and joints.

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Who is marine collagen suitable for?

Marine collagen can be a good choice for those who consume some animal products, but do not wish to take supplements made from bovine collagen or other animal collagen due to either dietary or ethical/religious concerns. It would not be suitable for those with a seafood-based or fish allergy. Marine collagen supplements also provide a sustainable supplement option as they utilise left-over products from the fish industry that would only be discarded otherwise – making them an ideal option if you are mindful of the environment and sustainability.

From the age of 30 your natural collagen production slows down, so marine collagen is a good way to increase the collagen in your body, contributing to healthy hair and skin and supporting your healthy lifestyle. Revive Active’s Beauty Complex is an easy to take supplement which is powdered for quick absorption, providing you with all the benefits you may expect from marine collagen.

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What are the key differences between marine collagen and vegan collagen?

Marine collagen is a fantastic supplement that comes from a sustainable source - often freshwater fish. Its key benefits lie in its potential ability to reduce signs of ageing by restoring some of the skin’s hydration and moisture loss caused by natural collagen degradation. As explored above, some studies suggest that it may also have some benefits when it comes to hair and nail strength.

If you prioritise finding a plant-based collagen, a vegan collagen supplement may be more suitable for you. However, there are limitations when it comes to finding a vegan collagen product – as many formulas containing modified bacteria as an alternative to animal collagen are not yet available in the market. Booster vegan collagen products may be ideal if you want a vegan alternative – however, bear in mind that there still isn’t a huge amount of research on the benefits of vegan collagen supplements.

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Revive Active’s Beauty Complex is a fantastic way to incorporate marine collagen into your day. It includes the base ingredient of marine collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid and biotin, and vitamin C and E. This powdered formula can quickly create a tasty marine collagen drink, promoting quick absorption. Marine collagen supplements can help to provide a boost to the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. Shop Beauty Complex today to begin feeling the benefits soon!

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Common queries

Can you get vegan collagen powder?

Yes, vegan collagen powder boosters are available to buy.

Can vegetarians take marine collagen?

Marine collagen is only suitable if you eat fish or consume fish-based products.

How much collagen should you take?

Usually, the collagen supplement you take will explain the correct amount to take for optimum results, with a 2.5–15-gram daily amount being generally recommended.

Where does vegan collagen come from?

Vegan collagen products can contain modified bacteria and yeast, and booster products such as aloe vera and vitamin C.

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