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Nourish the Skin from Within with Marine Collagen, Phytoceramides & Hyaluronic Acid.

Combination of natural ingredients to help maintain the structure and function of skin.

This product is manufactured in a factory that handles sulphites, wheat, egg and peanuts. This product contains FISH (Marine Collagen).

  • Gluten-free

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*Results may vary from person to person



Beauty Complex from Revive Active is fast becoming as important as serums in people’s day to day beauty regimes.

The supplement comes in a powered daily sachet, that is mixed with water or juice or added to a smoothie and consumed once a day.  As with all Revive Active products, Beauty Complex contains the best ingredients in optimum quantities.  

Each sachet contains 7,000mg of Peptan® Marine Collagen**, 100mg Phytoceramides and 100mg Hyaluronic Acid, plus Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper and Selenium. Each box contains 21 daily sachets. 

This combination of ingredients help to fight the signs of ageing, by plumping the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving the condition and strength of the hair and nails.

The key ingredients work in unison.  Collagen is the foundation of skin while Phytoceramides penetrate each of the four layers of our skin to boost our natural production of collagen which leads to skin plumpness. Finally Hyaluronic Acid acts as a natural moisturiser.  

Learn more about how the Beauty Complex can help you here.

Beauty Complex contains NO SUGAR and uses a natural plant based sweetener, called Stevia Glycosides, making it suitable for diabetics.

Beauty Complex contains NO artificial colours or flavours.

Calories: 23.8 kcal per 9.22g sachet

Nourish Your Skin From Within

**Our Marine Collagen is sourced from the freshwater fish Tilapia.






Beauty Complex is the first ever supplement to include marine collagen**, hyaluronic acid and phytoceramides, alongside vitamin C, E, copper and selenium all in one.  Its sachet formula is far superior to a tablet or drink, keeping the ingredients fresh and preventing deterioration over time.

**Our Marine Collagen is sourced from the freshwater fish Tilapia.

Per Sachet
Marine Collagen 7,000 mg  ***
Phytoceramide 100 mg  ***
Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg  ***
Vitamin C 80 mg  100%
Vitamin E 18 mg  150%
Selenium 25 µg  45%
Copper 75 µg  8%


NRV = Nutrient Reference Value        *** = No ‘Nutrient Reference Value’ Established

Lisa Clarke 17th June 2018

This is a fantastic product which I have been using for 5 months. There is a noticeable change to my skin, it is smoother and I have a brighter complexion. The most obvious effect of Beauty Complex is that I have new hair growing! I am 45 and was beginning to notice my hair much finer at the front , there has been an obvious change in the texture and fullness of my hair.

Sarah Basheer 5th July 2017

Taking Beauty Complex has become part of my morning routine for the last two months and already I'm impressed with the result. It's simple to prepare and has a lovely pineapple taste to start my day. It's moisturising effect is perfect to balance out my combination type skin. I love that with this product the skin is nourished from within. My skin is visibly smoother and family members have given me splendid compliments on my appearance. Beauty Complex is a great addition to my beauty regime.

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What Should You Look For When Considering a Collagen Supplement?


Tip #1: Ask yourself, “What type of collagen does this supplement contain more of?”

Beauty Complex by Revive Active contains 7 grams of hydrolysed Type 1 collagen – exactly the type recommended.  This is the most abundantly required form of collagen in the body and is required for improvements in skin properties and firmness. Furthermore, the hydrolysed form allows for greater absorption and bio-activity within the body. Research has demonstrated at every step that our collagen is absorbed into the blood stream and quickly deposited within tissue. Here it interacts with essential cell types to produce Type 1, 2 and 3 as required from the hydrolysed collagen building blocks offering unparalleled effectiveness and benefits.  

Tip #2: Ask yourself, “How much of this collagen supplement will actually be absorbed by my body?”

Research has shown that indeed collagen beverages are far more absorbable then pills. For this reason, we have supplied this formulation within a sachet that is mixed with water, for a fresh, extremely absorbable daily made solution. This makes Beauty Complex superior to ready-made collagen drinks as collagen and nutrients like vitamin C break down and become significantly less effective the longer they are stored in liquid form. Absorption and tracer studies, which allow us to watch the path of the collagen peptides within the body, show that 95% of the collagen contained within Beauty Complex is absorbed and deposited within the skin where it begins to act immediately and can be seen present for up to 14 days later.  

Tip #3:  While checking the label of the product, answer the question, “Is the collagen supplement composed of additional ingredients that complement collagen production?”

Collagen is extremely effective in its healthy skin promoting properties, but we are seeing even more pronounced results with specific nutrient combinations allowing for synergistic effects. Therefore, we have launched the first collagen, phytoceramide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper and selenium formulation. This powerful nutrient combination will address every aspect of aging while promoting the restoration of healthy, younger looking skin, far greater than collagen could ever accomplish alone.  

Tip #4:  Is there research to support the effectiveness of your chosen collagen supplement and is the manufacture of your collagen supplement reputed?

The collagen contained within Beauty Complex is sourced from Rousselot who are world leaders in collagen research and production using only the finest sources of Peptan® marine collagen. Rousselot have produced evidence based peer reviewed research and clinical trials which demonstrates the effectiveness at every step including absorption, tissues deposition, the promotion of new collagen generation within the body and significantly noticeable results by those who take it. These studies are published and verified by top scientist and medical professionals making it unmatched in research and effectiveness.  

Tip #5: What source of collagen does the collagen supplement utilize?

We agree that it has unequivocally been demonstrated that marine life derived collagen is the most effective, safest and purist form, while also offering superior absorption and bio-activity. Cellular studies have shown that marine forms of collagen are the most readily used, promoting smooth skin and significantly reducing signs of aging. There truly is no comparison to Beauty Complex on the market today.

Guidelines when taking Beauty Complex

  • Beauty Complex comes in a daily sachet.  Empty contents of sachet into a glass, add approximately 300ml of water or your favourite juice and stir well to dissolve and drink.
  • Beauty Complex contains high quantities of ingredients and as a result some people find that it suits them better to wait until an hour after food to take their sachet.  It is very much a personal choice.
  • If taking Revive Active as well as Beauty Complex we recommend taking Revive Active in the morning and Beauty Complex in the afternoon or evening.  This gives the body time to absorb all of the ingredients and nothing goes to waste.
If you have any additional queries on taking Beauty Complex, please contact our customer service team on Freephone 1800 910 000 in Ireland or 0800 901 2152 in UK or email

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*Results may vary from person to person.

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