Outdoor Adventures with British Orienteering and Revive Active

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We're excited to be the Official Supplement Partner for the British Orienteering Federation Senior GB Squad for 2024 - 25, sharing their passion for outdoor exploration. We are here to fuel their adventures, whether it’s for energy, immunity, joint health, or mental clarity to conquer dense forests or navigate urban jungles.


British Orienteering Federation Senior GB Squad


British Orienteering

British Orienteering goes beyond sport; nurturing a global community that pushes mental and physical boundaries. They welcome individuals of all ages and fitness levels with over 1100 permanent and virtual Orienteering courses and 1200 a year. Looking at taking up a new sport, consider ditching the gym and get outdoors at a British Orienteering event for year-round adventure.


Last year, over 150,000 individuals, including top GB athletes from the British Orienteering Performance Programme, participated in British Orienteering events across the UK. Champion athletes, including current World Cup Gold medal winner Ralph Street and Charlotte Ward who compete at World & European Championships, and this year will be relying on Revive Active's Informed Sports-certified Pro-Sports range to fuel their success. Trusted by the GB Senior Squad, these products fuel endurance, energy, focus and overall well-being for championship-worthy performances.


Join us for the upcoming adventures with British Orineteering:

Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering (March 29th - April 1st): Immerse yourself in a multi-day orienteering extravaganza in the heart of the Midlands! Courses cater to all levels, from seasoned navigators to curious beginners.

British Sprint Championships (June 23rd): Get your heart racing while watching the fast-paced British Sprint Championships on the campus of the University of Warwick.

World Orienteering Championships (July 12th - 16th): Be part of history at the prestigious World Orienteering Championships in Edinburgh. Cheer on top GP athletes as they compete with the best in the championship games.


Kickstart your own Orienteering journey

To kickstart your orienteering journey, Try out a local Permanent or virtual Orienteering Course on www.goorienteering.org.uk or join your local orienteering club. If you are interested in exclusively joining British Orienteering, simply select 'BOF' when you are asked to choose a Club and Association to join.

Take advantage of a wide range of member benefits. Annual membership costs just £15 for adults and £5 for juniors. Get exclusive access to Member Discounts including savings on Revive Active!


Get involved and navigate diverse terrains with easy-to-read Orienteering maps guiding you through paths, streams, and secret discoveries. See City landscapes and deep countryside transform into thrilling adventures and power-packed events and enjoy a sport that welcomes all ages and all abilities and get out there!


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