Zinc Rich Shellfish for the Immune System

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Zinc Rich Shellfish for the Immune System 🛡️

Zinc helps develop white blood cells, the immune cells that fight off foreign microbes and viruses. The mineral zinc is a component of many enzymes in cells all around the body, and inadequate zinc levels limit our ability to mount an adequate immune response to infections. Randomized controlled trials have shown that zinc supplementation reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections by 35%, shortens the duration of flu-like symptoms by about 2 days, and improves the rate of recovery.


Zinc is found in abundance in oysters and shellfish. Lean red meat is another good source, but vegetarians have to rely on other foods to ensure adequate zinc, such as pumpkin and other seeds, fortified cereals, seaweeds and natural yoghurt and milk. 


*Recipe Tip:

If cooking a lamb tagine, add a tablespoon of natural yoghurt and a dessertspoon of pumpkin seeds over your lamb for some colour, texture and to boost your zinc intake.


Provide protein and minerals such as zinc to support the immune system. 

Your goal – 2-3 portions a day

  • Choose seafood, chicken, eggs, pulses & beans (especially soya)
  • Reduce red meat meals. Cut down or out processed meats.
  • Grill or bake meat or fish rather than frying
  • Beans, pulses and lentils can bulk out meals and are a valuable source of soluble fibre for a healthy microbiome.


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