Building A Resilient Immune System

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Want to know how to build a resilient Immune System? 🛡️


Support it with a good eating pattern over time. The immune system never rests! It’s on full time, constantly alert, monitoring for harmful invading microbes and pathogens.

It is pretty complex too, involving many different tissues and cell types distributed throughout the body (but most are around the gut or digestive tract). These cells help us to mediate our immune responses. Some are involved directly in defence or attack modes, while others have a regulatory role, switching on and off inflammation and the immune response.


To run smoothly and work optimally, the immune system must:
1. Be able to distinguish self (human cells) from non-self.
2. Provide good defence against harmful microbes, by identifying and eliminating them and by maintaining a memory of immunological encounters.
3. Tolerate innocuous nutrients and food components broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and allow them to enter the body to nourish us. If this doesn’t happen common foods like peanuts and milk can be mistakenly seen as harmful and we can develop and allergy to that food.
4. Tolerate non-threatening microbes which live in the colon. This collection of microbes is called the microbiome. We live in a symbiotic relationship with these microbes. We need them and they need us.


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