Exploring the power of meditation with Jeff Brazier

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Exploring the power of meditation with Jeff Brazier Meditating

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of stillness and peace amidst the chaos can seem like an impossible task. Yet, for Jeff Brazier, Broadcaster & Author turned life coach, the journey towards inner calm and healing began over a decade ago. In this blog post, Jeff shares his personal insights into why he chose to pursue meditation and offers valuable tips for beginners interested in embarking on their own meditation journey.


Discovering the Path to Meditation

My journey into the world of meditation began 13 years ago when a friend introduced me to the practice. Through the Foundation for International Spiritual Unfoldment (FISU), I learned the fundamentals of meditation and volunteered every Monday for three months to deepen my understanding.

I was taught how to meditate using various techniques and forms, including focusing on a Trataka naked flame. These practices became my refuge during times of stress, offering a way of healing without the need for extensive therapy.

For me, meditation became a way of accessing inner healing and experiencing a sense of liberation. It's about healing from within, freeing yourself from the noise of the external world. When you're in alignment with yourself, your outer appearance reflects that inner peace.


My Top Three Daily Tips for Meditation Beginners

For those curious about meditation but unsure where to start, I found these three steps invaluable when I first started to meditate:


  1. Challenge Misconceptions: I emphasise the importance of dismissing common misconceptions about meditation, such as the belief that you must empty your mind completely. Instead, meditation is like a muscle that requires consistent development over time.
  2. Explore Different Techniques: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to meditation. I always encourage beginners to experiment with various techniques, whether it's guided meditation, mindfulness practices or using music or binaural beats.
  3. Embrace Thoughts: Rather than seeing thoughts as the enemy to meditation, I always advise beginners to allow their thoughts to enter and exit their minds like passing clouds. By observing thoughts without judgment or attachment, you can cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and presence.

My Daily Guided Meditation Practices

While I don't meditate every day, I prioritise meditation during periods of flow and alignment. My morning routine starts at 5 am. I begin with some "good morning" habits: immersing myself in an ice bath, doing some stretching, reading a chapter from a self-development book (Atomic Habits is my favourite for habit stacking), and hydrating while taking my Mastermind supplement. This is all before I settle into a 20-minute meditation session. Rising early allows me to have some quiet time before the rest of the world wakes up. I typically find a calm space in my living room for meditation but the beauty of it is that I can practice anywhere, even when I'm away from home. My routine includes breathwork and gratitude visualisation, which helps set a positive tone for the day ahead, particularly on busy days.


My Personal Benefits of Meditation

The benefits I get from meditation are profound and far-reaching. From experiencing stillness and mental clarity to feeling in control of my mind and emotions, meditation has become an essential tool for maintaining balance and alignment in my life. Meditation allows me to tap into a deeper sense of peace and intuition. It's like having access to the answers that lie within my subconscious mind. I’m always on the go and no two weeks are the ever the same. I might be in the studio filming, recording a podcast, working with my life coaching clients, fitting in a round of golf or a game of padel, or I’m up and down the country on an outdoor broadcast. And, in between, I’m grabbing time with my family or squeezing in a workout. I’m also committed to building and expanding my Grateful Strides community – it's a local community event in Epping Forest where we meet up regularly to “walk & talk”. Over the next year, I’m aiming to expand this “meet up” to so many more places across the UK to help people connect with each other. But, sometimes you just need “a moment” – and for me, that’s meditation.


Nourishing the Mind with Good Nutrition

I can't emphasise enough how crucial good nutrition is for maintaining optimal mental wellbeing. I've come to understand that what I feed my body directly impacts my mind's performance. While I do regularly eat brain boosting foods like fish and nuts, I started Revive Active's Mastermind supplement a few months ago to cover all bases. Its blend of essential nutrients like Omega 3 DHA, Uridine and Choline is precisely what my brain needs to thrive. By adding it to my meditation ritual, I've noticed enhanced focus and mental clarity. Plus, the convenience of the powdered sachet mixed with water ensures I stay hydrated, hitting my daily water intake.

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