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Foods containing healthy Probiotic Bacteria for the Immune System

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts promoted as having various health benefits. They're usually added to yoghurts or taken as food supplements and are often described as "good" or "friendly" bacteria.

Foods containing healthy Probiotic Bacteria can be found in live foods such as natural yoghurt and buttermilk, these can modify the gut microbiome and enhance immune function.

Seventy percent of your immune cells are found around your intestine, helping to form resistant barriers against bad microbes.

To express their benefits, probiotics or beneficial bacteria must be active or ‘alive’ and reach the gut in sufficient quantities and so resist the effects of stomach acids. There they can make life harder for the bad microbes. You can boost the number of friendly gut microbes by including probiotic kefir and live natural yoghurts daily.


*Recipe Tip: For an indulgent weekend breakfast, top your date and apple pancakes or your spicy compote and granola with a generous dollop of probiotic natural yoghurt.  


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Immune system

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