Vitamin D Rich Foods for the Immune System

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Vitamin D Rich Foods for the Immune System 🛡️

Foods such as salmon, mackerel and fortified milk are rich in Vitamin D. Research has found that immune cells can only be activated to fight infection if Vitamin D is available in the body. It is vital for the normal function of the immune system. 

Hopefully, you will have some stores of Vitamin D tucked away after the sunshine during Summer. We can make this vitamin by exposing our face, arms, and legs to UV rays. However, many of us at this latitude wear SPF skin protection or simply do not make enough Vitamin D by the action of sunlight on our skin, so we need to be very careful with our diet and many of us need to supplement. We can get sufficient vitamin D if we eat enough oily fish (salmon and smoked mackerel), eggs, fortified foods every week or take supplements.

*Recipe Tip:  Take more time for a leisurely breakfast if and when you work from home. Top your wholemeal toast with some mashed sardines, a little black pepper or chilli flakes and warm under the grill for a Vitamin D rich start to your day. 

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